Invasion cursor glitch

After the loading screen stops while in Invasion, if I move the cursor too early, it just flicks to the top left of the screen.


I don’t know if it’s Mac-specific, but I don’t hear it from other players who use Windows mostly.


Kills your focus of whats in front of you when enemy players wait in ambush at the end of the gate. They get the 1st few shots, and you’re probably dead 1st… very quickly.


It doesn’t happen if it’s after about 2 seconds of not moving the cursor, or it I enter chat with ‘enter’, then the cursor appears at the center of the screen as usual.

Seems like I have a slightly different version of the bug. During the loading screen, my cursor automatically moves to the corner. And if I don’t move it away before the open space loads, my cursor will be locked in that position and the ship will tumble uncontrollably. 

I have the same bug. I had to disable my ‘turn off display’ hot corner to stop my display from turning off everytime i warp to a new sector.