introduce a new daily mission for enriched beryllium in Open Space

Dear Developers,



Now that Broker’s missions are over, it’s time, that you give us a chance to obtain at least 1 enriched beryllium by doing a “daily mission” in Open Space, every day, just like monocrystal missions.

New contact in hangar will give you such mission. Such contact becomes available at rank 8 with any faction and it is meant to be completed in Open Space.




  • you need a rank 8 Destroyer only, to enter rank 1-7 danger sector to complete it

Reward given: 1 enriched beryllium rod





  • chance to obtain a very rare resource, which is actually guaranteed, without wasting more time in Open Space than it’s needed, meant for players, who have real life obligations and very little time

  • it saves your time, because there is only one such mission and not three per day

  • you can start such mission at any faction’s hangar, without any need to travel, relocate or transition to other faction’s hangars (Empire, Federation, Jericho)

  • objective may be simple, like scan the beacon, kill a specified target, or mine some minerals, etc.



Imposed restrictions: (optional)

  • such mission isn’t available every day, but only every 48-72 hours (similar to League’s contract cooldown)

  • you need a rank 11 Destroyer only, to enter rank 1-10 danger sector to complete it



Please, vote, comment and spread the word!

Developers, please reply on this thread!






There should be a mission for each of the three resources. This would be great.

PACATOSUL, your vote cannot be counted as valid.

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This is a great idea but I think that  you should have a choice of varying difficulty with like wise varying reward.

 you can have easy missions that have a minimum rewards say of 2 monos and I enriched berryllium and intermediate, hard and extreme difficulty which would get you maybe 10 monos + 3 enriched beryllium + 2 neodium plates.

 extreme difficulty missions could be something like escorting a cargo transport right through the entire Jericho space for example or destroying ten predators as another example.

 I think there should be no limit on the number of missions you can do in a day so that people can progress according to the time they are willing to put into the game.




There should be a mission for each of the three resources. This would be great.

Yes, the third resource would be impossible to get probably.

PACATOSUL, your vote cannot be counted as valid.

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why not ?

why not ?

coz koro says so… and koro is always right!

listen to koro and just do it!

2 minute made up song: About Minerals



I do not want to mine minerals in Open Space!

No more minerals in Open Space!

It’s boring, it’s annoying!

It’s stupid, what the heck!


Yes, in bones, there are minerals!

But not in Open Space!

There is only dust and junk, such crap to take!

Who would want to waste the time like that?!



Loot is so bad!

There is not much to be had!

Useless junk, what a punk!

Looters everywhere, from nowhere camp there!



Beryllium is what I need!

I need it to build my ship!

Give me berry, or smell my belly!

Get me one daily, or I will beat you like crazy!

Koro,  are you drunk? :00555:

Good song by the way.

Koro,  are you drunk? :00555:

Good song by the way.

No, just angry that they don’t give any feedback.

I can feel  doombot saying no from here! ^^


nice song btw :slight_smile:

I’d rather go for better drop rates

 I think with the increase in the amount of ore needed to complete a Neodium Plate or Enriched Beryllium that the drop rates for these materials in OS needs to be raised. Theres a lot of players who thoroughly enjoy hunting RSS in OS but the changes make their labors a lot worth while. I think the top tier ships should be require serious work not be made more accessible. You want credits complete PvE need synergy complete PvP need Resources grind OS. That was a good system.

Open space that was bad idea in concept.

A lot of enemies, almoust nothing to find and nothng to do.

I played in few games with open space - never in something that unplayable like that.

Only one worth something mission per day?

Dozens of enemies appear out of nowhere?

Open space is “Open” for players with 5lvl - for what? If you don’t have 13-15 lvl ship with full synergy then you have nothing to do - just die, or “find” trash goods.

I don’t see any idea for Open world right now. Unplayable thing, that’s all.