Intergalactic News Network №7 (107) - 4615.03.04


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Issue №107




1. Holiday is right here!


Intergalactic women’s day is coming. Mercs buy presents for their girlfriends. And UCM wants to present  a surprise too. Center changes a little the options of matchmaker. Earlier, when you flight in battle you may see mercs at old model ships. This is happened not in training or at space, but in high difficulty missions. Such fighters spoiled their ships in vain and endanger mission to risk of failure. Now ships, which are training in combat conditions, will be blocked the access in the sector.


2. History moments - Federation.


For the last half year many things have changed. We start new limited heading “History moments”. It will be 3 parts of it. In this issue we tell you about Federation.


  • At the beginning of the war aliens actively attacked colonization center. All personnel was evacuated. And at this time Cartel became to marauder. They grab everything that it can’t be destroyed. But thanks to desperate actions of mercs, most of stolen returned to owners. In this operation suffered several thousand Cartel ships.


  • Well known to everybody Oliver Winkler, lover to change old details of sensors and beacons and also the patron of freighter with scientists - suddenly became a rich man. He suddenly became an owner of the house on New Eden and bought a small personal shipyard. The police became interested in his machinations, but did not find anything illegal. The investigation was stopped.


  • Almost all war Ice belt was at siege. Pirates in many counts assaulted the complex. But mercs could defend it heroically. And last time the situation is changing, but not in good side. Biomorths were seen at the borders of this sector, which earlier ignore it.


  • “Prometheus” scientific complex was highly damaged. Rumors say that planning massive evacuation stopped for a while with the improvement of the situation. If nothing happen, there will be build warp-gate and connection with center will be arranged. Scientists decided to stay for their own risk. But if biomorths attack the complex - Federation will lose not important discoveries, but great minds, which invented good weapons for mercs.


  • The secret plan of Lucas Horn to catch an alien with helping EM systems failed. Rumors say that Defiler suddenly became in sector and killed everybody, who was there. Specially sent squad was killed on the spot. Numbers of survivors say that it was a living hell. Whether Defiler flew by himself there or he was attracted by the signals, found that was failed.


  • Despite on repeated cleaning and activity of lovers of artifacts, Water harvest remains almost completely under control of aliens. It is not clear from where so many of them appears.


  • According to an absurd accident failed a great attempt of Cartel to take over the whole sector. Pirates drove in “Ice belt” Dreadnought, preparing for the total destruction of their enemies, but the aliens fell on their head. Cartel pirates were defeated and Dreadnought was highly damaged.





3. Criminal and mystery.


This week the well-known police chief Bazinga resigned. Why and how remains a mystery. This is the third unexplainable incident shocked the whole center. First, for unknown reasons, threw his position famous bartender Disly. He disappeared suddenly, saying only that he flies to the forerunners. Then there was a strange incident with the imperial officer and a member of the corporation Buran MarkNam, whose body was found in one of automated docks. They say that when he was recovering in StarMed, all the time muttering about the forerunners and to let him go. As we recently learned, Mark on its own initiative was investigating the disappearance of Disly. At the moment, the majority of the members of the corporation Buran disappeared without trace, and the office is still sealed. And now, suddenly, only saying that he was going to the forerunners disappeared and the police chief is engaged in business of Mark. The matter becomes more and more confusing. Who will be next?

Mercs say that one pilot found a strange green crystal, similar the computer memory bank. He turned it on and he was seen something far territories of unknown part of the galaxy. And then appeared strange green hair girl, which say only one phrase: “They are coming. You have 7 days left”. Through friends this merc sent crystal to Disly. Then his fate, as merc and crystal remains unknown. It is not clear even this a true…

Prominent people and people who have almost unlimited power are disappearing. And how many homeless people disappeared is unknown, nobody count them. And the big question is - so who will be the new chief of police? And if he won’t disappear after the others, saying the most famous phrase?


  1. Gold disappearance.


After finishing the grand tournament a little problem appeared, winners hadn’t given gold reward. The matter is that one gang arranged the attack on collector ship and stole all gold cargo. Police assumes that they planned this from the tournament. They checked all routes and accurately calibrated every second of the operation, and masterfully finished it without leaving evidence. Center sent a new ship with reward and say that now everything is under control and there is no reason for panic. This is certainly cannot rob. And while police continues to search for criminals whose identity still remains unknown.




5. Farewell.


Recently held a memorial service for the irretrievably loss of Gauss guns. In parting with them came a small group of supporters, who arranged an evening of memories: looked at old photos and watching  movies, recall past victories. After, opponents of plans to upgrade it marched, which ended a booze near the UCM office. A representative of the center went to them  and said he would think about how to mitigate their loss. But most say they do not remember it because they were not in themselves with grief and booze.




6. How quickly kill the Defiler.


Defilers still can’t give rest to mercs and constantly invade to out space. The best pilots recommended by UCM still continuing to destroy the invaders. Last week team from 12 pilots few days in a row overcoming their powers, tried to enter the history and defeat famous record by killing the Defiler - 3:51. And who did it? All the same pilots of STORM corporation with their allies that week before fiercely completed with the previous record holder, but by Monday still were weaker. Now they really might strongly enter the history, as experts notices, that in order to beat a new record in 3:48 put by them, you must first, as they say, “Up the phaser” which is not so strong against the Defiler as before.

Names of pilots champions :Derqar __[sWAT], eshkrig [sTORM], IIyxJIbIu [sTORM],  DmitryKebikov [sTORM], Arrow88 [sTORM], GlooM[sTORM],  wlast [sYN], LEV [sCORP], LOSNAR [bLAD], Iridiys [sTORM], SeraX [sYN], kk212l [BLAD].

Exclusive video, which can help to understand how the Defiler was killed for such quick time:


7. Rates from Stars&Pilots


For beginning of 4-th of March 4615 year.


TOP-20 weekly Pilot rating

Rating is preliminarily - results and rank rewards at Thursday, 5 of March.

1. NikOff
2. Roen
3. GreySer
4. SeigFrieD
5. Agasiy
6. Makcoff
7. Arakis
8. JDUndead
9. valkir
10. FLuttershy
11. NERW
12. elBobrito
13. Fighter377
14. ReverseRequest
15. DenisKoch
16. RicePirateX
17. porotus
18. Neardo
19. DragonXXL
20. McNeo


TOP-10 PvP corporation rating.

2 (0). Star Storm [sTORM]
3 (new). iO X Tech [iO]
4 (+2). CCCP [CCCP]
5 (0). Rage [R4ge]
6 (-2). MARODYOR [MAR]
7 (-4). SIRIUS [sRS]
8 (-1). Assault Team [sWAT]
9 (-1). Evil Space Bears [ESB]
10 (new). TerraLuX [LuX]


TOP-10 PvE corporation rating.

1 (+2). MAXHO UA [ACbl]
2 (+6). iO X Tech [iO]
4 (+1). VIP [VIP]
5 (+2). Moneron and Lich [ML]
6 (-5). Mixed Martial Arts [MMA]
7 (+2). CCCP [CCCP]
8 (-2). Star Storm [sTORM]
9 (new). Nika [NIKA]
10 (-6). MARODYOR [MAR]




Welcome. This week, we invited the astrologer instead meteorologist who will tell us about the upcoming changes.

In his words forerunners sector will be a storm for some time, but in general everything is already subsides. And from the epicenter of the galaxy to the residential sector is approaching an unknown huge storm, which may change the lives of many. According to approximate forecast it will be here in a few weeks. But shaman could not tell us the details, and did not appease his wild laughter. It is hoped that we will survive its onslaught.

A sponsor of our forecast is still StarMed. StarMed - everything you need for you here. StarMed - you have will long remember.




Chief editor -  MoonLight

Designer, Editor of sports news -  SeraX

Corrector -  GaLathea

Translator on English -  Dezrow

Our AI -  B.I.O.

And UCM wants to present  a surprise too. Center changes a little the options of matchmaker. Earlier, when you flight in battle you may see mercs at old model ships. This is happened not in training or at space, but in high difficulty missions. Such fighters spoiled their ships in vain and endanger mission to risk of failure. Now ships, which are training in combat conditions, will be blocked the access in the sector.















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