Intergalactic News Network №6 (106) - 02.25.4615


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Issue №106



1. Pirate threat escalation.


Recently pirates raided the titanium factory near the planet New Mars. This Federal  factory supplied titanium the main production plant systems for recharging small missile. As a result of the raid pirates plundered almost everything,  and what doesn’t plundered - destroyed. there are a high quality titanium deficit because of this, which was replaced on a cheaper. In order to reduce the load and secure the ship when recharging on the rails of less quality material, was reduced the feed rate of missile weaponry.


2. Fraud in science - a rarity or reality?


Jericho scientists found that new, recently released at market weapon systems, works with overload. Found that scientists, which involved in the development of the phaser, to achieve correct results twirled settings to rise efficiency. However work at limit in critical condition, often caused the overload and lead to explosion of the weapon. Techs of the Center just began overlook of all weapons of the mercs and transfer of their indicators to normal condition.


3. Consequences of pirate raid.


Problems with a lack of titanium have affected on another device, which use the highest quality of this material. In the system of remote energy transfer, in the device of the buffer of capacitor from temporarily store energy, will now use a cheap crystalline-titanium alloy, which is certainly reliable, but leads to rapid heat, which reduces the operation time of the whole system.


4. And they again!


Another tragedy became the pirate raid at Scientific complex of Federation. New computer location systems were developed there, which allow to attack enemies further and more precisely. Further development in this case had to stop, until repair of the complex. However it isn’t the end, there was an access to  all systems. Pirates entered to global data bank and broke the main code of this system, which transferred to all modules in galaxy. UCM warns, that the next synchronization, pilot modules come in to this number too. This is impossible to prevent, but scientists from another lab began to work at recovering data. However this can take a time.


5. Biomorths are in residential sectors!


There was another tragic event. At Imperial territories far from forerunner sector the biomorths were seen. How they appeared there nobody knows. Aliens raided on one of mining imperial stations and destroyed it. Except of financial, this caused a big problems with armory. There was a special catalyst mined there, which is use in laser weapons. One way or another almost all laser weapons spoiled, which Empire produces.


6. New masterwork of Tech Institute of Jericho Techs


Happy messages from Jericho sectors are looking strange. Technologists found a way to compact  bullets of rail gun. As the result of this development guns became:  fire further, less warm and more damage. In the process of the development was found random side effect - bullets became smaller. This allowed to rise the number of bullets in one trunk and rise their supply. Namely, so-called pumping system became more efficient, smoother and qualify.





7. Crews for everybody.


Recently was entered a sponsor system in buying a crew. Factions took over themselves all costs for the best pilots of the Center. But it became not good. Center rest all trading to hire, but it was found out that nobody could fly at the ships. Certainly every pilot has the main crew, but by the law they could to reject from flying at some ships. As the result the guns fired weaker, missiles rare fly, and ships more often broke. Pilots simply didn’t have time to perform all by themselves, as they went into battle without a crew and as a result they often loose. Just in a couple of days have been signed new documents to be prime crew to fly on all ships, if merc has no other crews.


8. Bureaucratic problems.


Another moment of this question became a compensation problem. Because of revelry of old friend virus, after last restore were lost hiring documents. As a result, many pilots who have hired a very long time, at their own expense, two or more crews have not received compensation for them. Centre recalls - if you had not received payment please contact technical support. They have already helped hundreds of poor fellows, the innocent victims of an insidious biomorph virus.




9. Green World is incoming!


Green World brotherhood is continuing their activity. Members of this sect bring numerous victims to their goddess. Often suffers innocent pilots from their activity, which flied to harmless Center missions for cleaning territories from biomorth. Members of the brotherhood sure that biomorths came to improve us and our world, and they just defending their patrons. After each raid for cleaning they report in space-net. Center is doing nothing at this case, so they formally don’t violent any laws.




10. T4 Cup - results

Here is the end of tournament, that glorify T4 ships. Participants have only one thing - wait, when they receive galactic standards. I remind you, that the reward will be given not only for prize places, but for team efficiency in battles. That means that everybody get rich, somebody in less case, somebody largely.


1-st place. Evil Space DNO : Mowant, BlackFireBolt, Aggressor, YellowSubmarine, Fluttershy, lodbol, valkir, eXequtor, Roen, Kell, Myrmidon, Koromac.

2-nd place. Evil Space Pandas : StormPetrel, TheCoon, Zerk1, radyogh, GVOZD, JoZer, iBalrog, ECMnoob, D6KA, EpiskoP, CowboyBebop, Wolkor

3-rd place. Uranium Squad : Poliak, Palash, NERW, DarkDragon, fix77, zitruskiller, azverin, merdosa, Broadway, MINUTEMAN, TheBat, Xuguk


11. Refiler - R.I.P!


They said that “Reward of 1500 GS will give each pilot in team, who took the top position in rating till Monday morning”. And they began to fight for top position life-and-death. Long or a short, but for a week the record was defeated in tough competition of various teams countless times. Till the end of the week survived only strong. They did a great deal, outride their rival (STORM corporation) and showed to the world a new record for displacement of Refiler from the space. And they had a very good numbers - 3:51 , that neither more nor less, 1 minute and 45 seconds faster previous record. See the names of this heroes and give them honor: GVOZD [ESB], Fighter377 [HawK], freekzy [HawK], Maximum997 [ESB], valkir [DNO], Zerk1 [ESB], Thrent, flnphoenix [HawK], lodbol [ESB], ECMnoob [ESB], LEV [sCORP], EpiskoP [ESB].


12. Ratings from _ Stars & Pilots _


_ For beginning at 25-th of February 4615 year. _

_ TOP-20 weekly pilot rating. _

_ Rating is preliminarily. Results and title at Thursday, 26-th of February. _

1. NikOff

2. Si** e **gFrieD

3. Mahesvara

  1. Makcoff

  2. dedushque

  3. Agasiy

  4. DragonXXL

  5. Kell

  6. Roen

  7. Arakis

  8. FLuttershy

  9. EQ3STR1A

  10. svyatoslav

  11. ololo26

  12. Eviscerador

  13. ANTI

  14. porotus

  15. Cokol54

  16. elBobrito

  17. Vedrolet


_ TOP-10 PvP rating among the Corporations _


2 (0). Star Storm [sTORM]

3 (+1). SIRIUS [sRS]

4 (-1). MARODYOR [MAR]

5 (+1). Rage [R4ge]

6 (+2). CCCP [CCCP]

7 (0). Assault Team [sWAT]

8 (+2). Evil Space Bears [ESB]

9 (-4). Mixed Martial Arts [MMA]

10 (-1). MAXHO UA [ACbl]

_ TOP-10 PvE rating among the Corporations _

1 (+3). Mixed Martial Arts [MMA]


3 (0). MAXHO UA [ACbl]

4 (+1). MARODYOR [MAR]

5 (-3). VIP [VIP]

6 (-5). Star Storm [sTORM]

7 (new). Moneron and Lich [ML]

8 (new). iO X Tech [iO]

9 (-2). CCCP [CCCP]

10 (0). Skye Ranger Omega [sRO]



BIOscope (Horoscope from BIO) - what biomorths foreshore.


ECM. You are waiting for tomorrow trouble. Looks like you have a great credit of trust and did not give it in time. Lenders are bursting in the door and demand compensation for all the humiliation.  148.gif



  Recon. The stars say that you will be fortunate. Good old friends come to visit, and even clothing namely gloves become warmer.  22.gif

Covert Ops.  Stars keep silent for your expence. Maybe tou forgot something? It is better to sit quietly and put your head out jist to look around. And then suddenly the sacred file will find you. 190.gif

Gunships.  For you, as for the rest of gunsips come an exciting days. Old habits are disappear, new horizons are become. And the old things start to play with new colors.   1.gif
Commands**. It seems that someone has the evil eye to you. Okay, so, only a brick will fall to your head from above, well, maybe even a piano. And in general, everything is not bad as you think.**  3.gif
Tacklers.  The neighbors planned a little party and you are invited too. Take a look, drink tea, sing a song, relax  85.gif
Long Rage. For you, the fate prepared a surprise, even two. One bad and the other … even worse. It is better to stay home and get ready for a full-scale disaster. Only don’t hide under the table - it is useless. 168.gif

Guards**.** And you are not in danger. Quiet week. All the old.  144.gif

Engineers. The fate seems to pity and will present you a surprise. Do not forget to wear your old forgotten little blue jacket. And just do not scold the cat that he tore up shreds the red one. He’s not out of malice.   75.gif






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Some much needed weapons balances  :006j:

So, missile pylons nerf, phaser nerf, energy emitter nerf (huh? what was wrong with it? or its ECM energy absorber), railgun buff and another lazor nerfs. Interesting.

so to beat SpecOps record we gonna need new weapons and do it before nerf <3

3:51?! That’s insane. Absolutely insane. I really want to see a video of them doing it.

3:51?! That’s insane. Absolutely insane. I really want to see a video of them doing it.

Charged phasers

Charged phasers everywhere

Charged phasers

Charged phasers everywhere



3:51 - 10 phasers i think. Unreal damage to Defiler.