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The I.N.N redaction is glad to inform our readers that we are officially go on the main news page of Mercenary Center. Thank you to all, read INN and always be aware of the main events of the galaxy.



1.  Race for power.

Although there was signed a shaky peace between the three factions in the forerunners sectors, the underground battle is continues. There was coined another method in the war of frames, in the hunt for each pilot. The military officials of Armada said that they are ready to pay the full content of employees (techs, repairers, pilots), for that mercs, who will go to serve to Federation. Pilots, of course, gladly accepted this information and rushed to enter to the federation mercs army. However, the reality was not  so rosy. It was found that recruitment will be paid only trusted pilots, who are ready to do everything for the glory of Federation. Another problem was in the raw of the laws of UCM that doesn’t allow to do this operation.

This approach of “daring enticement of pilots” was strongly disliked by Empire and Families. the situation was escalated to the edge. But the situation was resolved, when it was decided to apply such approach to mercs in Empire. Yielding  to the total pressure, Families also followed the course.


However, there was an undecided problem with laws and Center. And so, after a difficult problem of coordination and hard struggle with bureaucracy, the Center is glad to say that in reward to each pilot who proved its usefulness and complete loyalty, will be granted permission for dilation. Namely, it will be possible to hire new staff for its fleet of ships and the cost of this part will be take that faction, which mercenary has proved its loyalty. Also, how we were told at the Center, the mercs, who couldn’t prove their loyalty to one or another faction, may get permission to expand their company. But they must pay the galactic standards for this.


2. Utilization of confiscated.

Due to the fact that the anti-piracy company is gaining momentum, UCM accumulated a huge amount of confiscated pirated container with smuggle. Once again the leadership of UCM decided to change the way to encourage their pilots. Now they will receive confiscated containers in reward for their work. And what’s more, now with remote opening of container stock, mercs will get visual confirmation on galovizor of what has been found in this container. We remind you, earlier merc got only a message by mail, sometimes with a big delay.

So, the Center is planning to liquidate from endless amount of confiscated crates and attract extra free pilots to forerunner’s sector problems.



3. So the portal is under control?

The mercs’ stuck problem in biomorth sectors have solved. The group of hired scientists, who call themselves " The great conquerors of biomorth", could invent a device, which is being installed on a ship, synchronizing with research of biomorth portal and allow to fly through them. Earlier, such attempts did by different scientific community, but all of them failed. Truthly one group, consisted of representative of Technology Institute of Technology Jericho, could succeed, but biomorths quickly found the hole in the code and for few hours sent many months of work of scientists into the trash. Skeptics worry that the device will soon be hacked by biomorths and return them full control over the portal.


4. The difficulties of live.

Mercenaries asking to specify the location of the warp beacons better , as in many sectors with asteroids is very difficult to know location of beacon by the map. One merc proposed to highlight the way in asteroids. UCM hasn’t commented this situation yet.


5. Not one step back!

Very unusual idea gave one of the mercenaries to UCM. He offer not to step back all remaining pilots after losing control of sector and fight to last man standing in battle named “Command battle”. Leadership of Center didn’t comment yet. Also the idea got amount of opponents in high-ranked official, which insist that it will not end well.



6. Triumph of a dream.

31-st January 4615 year successfully, but not without blemish in the organization, passed underground tournaments named “White gloves” (T1 ships with no modules update) and “All inclusive” (T5 ships with no limits). A big amount of battles was passed and teams, which won in them at the beginning stages, met defeated teams the second time and battles took on an entirely unpredictable outcome. One team didn’t appear (team Arrow88), scandalous disqualification team SIRIUS#2 due to a lack of contact person. In the end of T5 tournament became a difficult question: which team is win - SCORP team from incredibly long wait or because of they needed to sleep disappeared from availability of the organizers and wasn’t going for the next battle (3-rd)against of SIRIUS#1.  As the result, organizers decided to award the victory to the SCORP team because of that in previous battles against SIRIUS#1 they gained certain victory. This is Triumph of a dream.

T5 tournament - “All inclusive”

1 место - SCORP (Leto, Neardo, Scorpicore, prostoy123BBCRF, ABDULLA, Hardu, ENERGIZER, ZARIDON)

2-nd place - SIRIUS#1 (CerberusS, starcore, KageNero, Dreamcast, HuK, BloodyDragon, CBAT)

3-rd place - NASA (ShadowBlade3, RicePirateX, Tillowaty, Mecronmancer, DirkDecent, Kyril, niripas, GeneInari, xKostyan)


T1 tournament - “White gloves”

1-st place - Docent (DOCENT777, AJlEKCEi, DaRA, STALLKER, NuzGool, KABOKABO, Iridiys)

2-nd place - Acilleuz (Acilleuz, AnubiS, gMax, Bondster, Gosar, RenamedPOGI30044 (TeacherTouchedMe), AmunRa, Nezgibaem)

3-rd place - SCORP (Povelitel, Stormsystem, Ispanec252, TOKTORs, zerooo000, Sanyka1998, stalker, FaktorKill)


7. Defiler - go away!

Once again was broken the record for the destruction of the Defiler among combat wings on last week. Previous record time 6 minutes 29 seconds left only 3 weeks. The new record 5 minutes 36 seconds became. In the part of the wing of the record-setting 12 mercenaries entered:  Makcoff [KBAHT CBETA], Fighter377 [HawK], freekzy [HawK], Maximum997 [ESB], valkir [DNO], Zerk1 [ESB], flnphoenix [HawK], BlackFireBolt [ESB], zolby [HawK], EpiskoP [ESB], DOGE[ESB], Gladiator [KBAHT CBETA].


8. Corporation transfer.

In the recent weeks, as before,  there were a variety of interesting transfers between different players corporations. Particularly noticeable weakening of the corporation [DNO], which last year represented impressive force, but to nowadays, the corporation apparently the problems started, and went outflow of mercenaries.

The main players’ transfers for the recent weeks:

elBobrito [DNO -> Pirat]

SiegFrieD [DNO -> Free pilot]

BlackFireBolt [DNO -> ESB]

Djoylok [ESB -> Free pilot]

Itachi [ESB -> Free pilot]

Palash [sRS -> Apple]

Vedrolet [sRS -> NMS]

BloodyDragon [COM -> SRS]

DragonXXL [Pirat -> DESU]

Symbiote [CSA -> DESU]

sv9toi [Nova -> SWAT]

RaRok [sWAT -> Free pilot]


9. Pilot rate from Stars&Pilots.

Week 01.29.4615 - 02.04.4615 (preliminarily)

In preliminarily rate of pilots appeared new challenger for first 3 places and, of course formalization rank “Legend”. These pilots are  NikOff [Pirat] and JaegerF [CSA] with 9774 and 9759 points. Slightly exceeds them Agressor [R4ge] with 9779 points. As always, final results will be at thursday. And now we invite you to get acquainted with the preliminary TOP-50 rated pilots this week.

TOP-50 rated pilots for the beginning 4-th of February.

1. Aggressor

2. NikOff

3. JaegerF

  1. starcore

  2. Takamina

  3. GreySer

  4. EQ3STR1A

  5. elBobrito

  6. Makcoff

  7. MeisterVava

  8. RicePirateX

  9. Vohvelielain

  10. sv9toi

  11. JEMICO

  12. Cr0

  13. JCNB


  15. SeigFrieD

  16. ArchRoller

  17. Agasiy

  18. GlooM

  19. JDUndead

  20. azverin

  21. FLinT

  22. ANTI

  23. ololo26

  24. Plasmagon

  25. Elysium13

  26. oleg245

  27. prottozz

  28. Xuguk

  29. Trance

  30. Kell

  31. DragonXXL

  32. Mad42

  33. Charlie

  34. Drako323

  35. stroganovs

  36. Mahesvara

  37. Miky

  38. NERW

  39. BlueScreen0D

  40. TheLawRT

  41. Denfreeze

  42. Fighter377

  43. YellowSubmarine

  44. wlast

  45. Arakis

  46. DarkDragon

  47. Tarvillon

As sdvertizing

When you win tournaments or set new records for the killing of the Refiler, your not completely modernized ships don’t go unnoticed. Conclusion of synergy is a specifically designed for professionals who need fast results. And no ships with not full synergy.

“All mercs around are looking at my ships - all of them with full synergy - I have nothing to hide.”



10. BIOscope (Horoscope from BIO) - what biomorths foreshow.



ECM. You’ll have a marvelous week. Bright torpedo days and wild cries of enemies.  In general, live abounds.  144.gif



Recon. Not everything went smoothly as you’d expect, but that’s no reason to be upset.  Squeeze will in a fist and continue to do your normal work. The probability of that the head will notice your difficulties and he’ll offer his assistance to you is high.



Covert Ops. Astrologers promise bright starry sky and many sweet and delicious engineers. The main thing is not to be confused with the star of mine and engineers with long rage. 2.gif



Gunships. It seems that for once in tour century the fate smiled. But, as they say in famous joke, the main thing that she not began to laugh at you.



Commands. Crazy hot days are continuing. You are still on the horse and universe is still large and unknown. 71.gif



Tacklers. Do not pay attention for those who complain about drones, they just envy. It’s time to make up for the years of humiliation, but don’t fold the stick. Indeed, as stated in a well-known wisdom, “it won’t be always” look, so that later disadvantaged have not decided to strike back at you. 91.gif



Long Rage. No one like you. Not allies nor biomorths and even stars. Well, let them, they are guilty themselves. Show them your power! Importantly don’t forget that you also have engines.  17.gif



Guards. Despite all the efforts, surprises and gifts, you took a lucky ticket. While neighbors in shock, and cats run away in fear, it’s time to show who the real boss in district.  4.gif Only don’t fall on the ECM’s eyes.



Engineers. The luck must come to you too. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but definitely will come. 134.gif


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