Interestingly named files that I have no clue what they are supposed to be

So today I had a small bout of curiosity, so naturally I went poking around in the files of some of the games I play and when I went through Star Conflict’s files (I have no clue how to open SC’s .pak files) I found some interestingly named ones that I had absolutely no clue what they were supposed to be. Thanks!


*keep in mind I feel like an idiot asking this question and I also feel that I shouldn’t be asking this question




**and yes I feel like there are a few people on the forum who know what they are besdies the devs

“models_alien_mothership” :smiley:

I just wish I new how to open the .pak files :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh look at that dreadnought file thingy…

As for the bigship_bighship files… ??? I have a feeling that I know what the huge_prec_ship is however