Interesting Request (Steam Duplicate)

Hi. I was wondering if the devs here at SC might be able to make it so that navigation through the tabs in the chat box might acctually be made easier if the buttons <tab> and <shift>+<tab> were re-assigned to tab-switching. I realize that this will cause an issue with the scoreboard, however I still think that this would prove more valuble. Thanks for reading, and I hope that this is looked into very thouroughly.

That would cause a clash for Steam users as shift tab opens the Steam interface. SC can be played with or without Steam. 


Perhaps it could be keybinds you can set yourself. Maybe the numbers 6-9 or Ctrl+Tab (providing that isn’t doing anything).

I will agree that custom key binds makes more sense come to think of it…  Even at that, I could still disable the steam overlay for this game and use <tab> and <shift>+<tab> just for myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: