They are still overpowering, and need a damage nerf.

There is no point in flying a fighter if you are overpowered by the interceptor class (Ie it stays in blind spots) the only way to get them off you

is to have a tackler (To much dependency) this needs to be fixed.


Either they need a damage nerf (Imo i think they are fine other wise) or the fighters need a mobility (Turn rate) Buff. At this rate however

Fighters are vastly underplayed by interceptors. Their role should be Capture/Support (Ecm etc), Not excelling of the class that is designed

to be the best in combat. Its nonsensical and ridiculous.




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wow. imagine a nukem with even more turn rate, or a wolf-m with even more speed. not to speak about higher tiers.



It’s ok, it’s ok. It will be gone soon, hopefully.

Have you tried… I don’t know… learning how to play the game?

:facepalm: Please, please not. :sad:

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