Interceptor Teamwork!

Hello everyone this topic isnt about bug or unbalancing today i just want to tell you how to take out a frigate with much hp and shield easily only with 2 interceptors at 1 time, simple.

All you need is an ECM and a Recon, the first thing you need is to come close enough to the frigate.

Then the recon need to use his Shield Absorber to take out the shield and the ECM is only attacking ATM.

After taking down the shield the ECM interceptor blocks his weapons/modules and starting to use Energy Absorber so the frigate can’t use his modules when unblocked because his energy is too low.

And everyone knows it tries to get away but the Recon uses the -Speed missile to slow down the frigate, then the frigate uses his weapons agian but the ECM still needs time to recharge.

Then the Recon ship uses the missile that blocks enemy’s weapons and modules for 2 seconds and both is starting to fire on him all the time until the frigate explodes.

A simple but a hard and epic way for Interceptor teamwork.  :fed001:

A) What type of frigate are you talking about

B) What Tier are you talking about

C) In T1-T2 you don’t need 2 interceptors to scrap an average solo frigate 

D) Recon = Spy Drones USE THEM they are awesome (especially in T3/T4)

Any Tier like in T1 Raptor-M has alot of hull or like tier 3 Alligator Mk II Still having much hull and shield of if you have PASSED T3 and now in T4 you could look at Grizzly that has much hp too.

And im talking about all type frigates.

Good interceptor pilot can keep his ship in frigate dead zone.

Until that gunship comes flying in.  A second interceptor would really help limit the risk of you dieing while trying to kill a frigate.  Odds are if you’re staying in the dead zone, you’re an easy target for someone else.

Newsflash: 2 people can kill 1 together.  :lol:


On a serious note, this goes for all ships, regardless of the class/role - provided that the pilots know what they are doing.