Interceptor shield unbreakable?

I’m simply curious to know what’s going on… I’m not brand new to the game, but I’m open to the idea that I’m missing something obviously. What I’m seeing is interceptors that despite the focused fire of at least 2 ships WITHOUT in range engineer support, are somehow able to keep their shields constantly refilling. Yes I’m aware of the Parasitic Remodulator. However what I’ve been seeing is constant shield regen well outside the 10 second transfer time that module. I’m just trying to understand how they are sustaining this regen rate.


Just finished a match where three of us were on one inty, an his shields while they would budge very slightly, simply would not go down. This went on for 20+ seconds, and he was taking constant fire from two of us consistently. This continued even through a 941pt energy drain via Energy Absorber. I was baffled. Again, for the record, we had popped all engy support before this little dogfight ensued.

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If you cant break them, imagine how long a guard frigate would take to break them down



The answer would probably be about infinity 

Granted this issue can be fustrating, but what I’m looking for is specifics…


What modules are they using, etc…


I’ve toyed with Recon, Covert Op, and ECM an nothing I’ve come across yet in the T2 brackets would allow one to regen your shields vs 2+ fighters hitting you consistently. Maybe I’ve missed something but I’d like to know what exactly it is they’re doing to achieve this, as it’s not “obvious” and it’s not simply using mk3 modules.


Outside of engineer support they shouldn’t be able to do this for -extended- periods of time. I can see them holding their shield via Parasitic Remodulator (shield drain) but that’s a 10 second duration. When it’s done their shield should be getting blown open again. Any info what’s doing this would be greatly appreciated as I’m starting to wonder if a few pilots have managed to trick the game engine somehow.

Did you read the thread Killa linked? Lots of specifics in there.

yep sure did…an sadly there are no specifics in there beyond the discussion of stacking engy regen…not the issue in this case…read my original post. There was one post in all that about inty mods, but it was a suggestion on what mods to use to KILL a god regen inty.


Sadly, again, what I’m looking for info wise is what mods THEY are using to achieve such insane regen that is sustainable for 20+ seconds. I’m actually looking to determine if you can legitimately achieve this WITHOUT engy ship support, of if there’s a small chance that just maybe, maybe mind you, a few people are using an exploit. I’m unsure so I’m looking for information on how, if at all, you can do this legitimately with mods available in the game.