instant crash to desktop, while undocking from Jericho Station

Bug report:


1.) I accepted the Mission to kill 10 Cybers in Abandoned Complex. Then I undocked. The moment I pressed undock option, my game crashed!

2.) I was expecting to undock successfully, without any crashes.

3.) Normal conditions, but then crash to desktop and Targem Bug reporting utility showed and I sent it.

4.) Instant crash to desktop, without any warnings, or performance problems. I re-launched the game and then it was fine. I never had any such issues before. I blame patch/update 1.1.14.

5.) It happens occasionally, but it isn’t rare and it seems to be random.

6.) Logs are provided here.

7.) I am 1 hour behind compared to Russia, UTC +2 my time (Slovenia). Logs shows the time.

8.) DxDiag provided here:

9.) Not related.

10.) Not related.


2nd bug, which is the same, is here. Only location is different. Same bug report pattern.




Thank you, Skula1975