Inquisitor S

Post your builds for the Inquistor S below.

Beam Cannon - Flat Reflector

Anomaly Generator - Jericho Missile Implants; Distance and Increased Damage

Hull - 2 Missile Pylons

Shield - 1 Thermal; 2 EM Resists

Capacitor - 2 Iridium Heatsinks

Engine - 1 Vernier Engine

CPU - Horizon Module

Modules - Pulsar, Emergency Shield Booster, Shield Booster, Multiphase Shield Adapter

Tell me why I built it like that. Also suppose all of the above are purple.

S***-fit reporting in. All greens, not maxed, but this is the fit that just murders the crap out of everything on the field if they ignore me for too long: White Fang.


Weapons are Coil Mortars with RoF ammo (yes, it increases Spread, but that’s the idea, anyway). Replace Horizon with Infrared, if need be, I prefer Infrared, anyway.


Other pilots will give you a full purple fit, so meh… Replace AG with Torpedoes and a second EM Diffuser instead of Thermal if you’re going facetorping.


Spectre Field works wonders in PvE, replace with Inhibitor. Works in PvP if you have 2/3 people around you, including the Engineer. Been abusing the crap outta it in PvE, it’s just an awesome shield and aggro booster.


Inqui-S 515:

  1. Adaptive when you start getting shot, rotate Phase accordingly.

  2. Phase rotation is extremely important, so be sure to save your energy for that.

  3. Pulsar to force ships to cloak and/or to find those cloaked ships, Mortar them.

  4. Torpedoes at your discretion. AG at Beacons/Stations.


I’ve no idea why you’re using that fit. I guess because you like solo play and are afraid to die?