Inn Report - 5013.04.10



Breaking News

  1. Life on all planets throughout the galaxy is entering a phase of flux. Races are celebrating the greatest event in the history of mankind. The Federation has prepared with festive ribbons and fire works; the brave Imperials have put on their ceremonial uniforms and polished their badges of honour; the mighty Jericho have painted their implants and reconfigured their iron masks for the monumental event! Even the pirates are celebrating with barrels of ale! Mankind, for the first time ever, is stepping out into the open universe! The galaxy awaits!


Leading News

  1. Undercover agents working with the anti-piracy committee, have information that pirates have began to replenish their resources in a new way. Previously, they did this through illegal deals, extortion and even robbery. Now they have began full-scale commercial production. Pirates are equipping powerful protection systems that can defeat even the military squadrons from the anti-piracy committee. According to the Social & Economic Research Team, the recent destruction of the three civilian stations and the subsequent recovery of those losses will take more time then it will for the pirates to build another four stations.


In response to this, the anti-piracy committee has decided to hire mercenaries. Their task will be to slow down the development of the new facilities. Primarily, they will sabotage construction supplies for the offensive and defensive sub-systems of the stations. In addition to the normal standard of payment, they will be allowed to keep all they can plunder from the pirate stations. Undoubtedly, the pirates will retaliate, but experts hope that the mercenary attacks will hinder the advancement of pirate forces, until military forces from the anti-piracy committee have the ability to deal with them once and for all.


  1. Again the Head of Security of the Assembly of FAK “Christian Bell”, is being looked at. Immediately after his inauguration mass appeals from disgruntled pilots, free traders and a number of military organizations were received. They demanded the reversal of the recent travel speed law. After a two week long discussion it was decided to slightly raise the galactic speed limit. “You have no idea what serious consequences can come with this decision,” - said Mr. Bell, after the announcement of election results.


Other news

  1. Last night there were several simultaneous attacks on pre-fabricated ship facilities. These attacks have left the pre-equipped ships production inert, and as such the production of these vessels is currently halted



  1. Research organization “The Galaxy Centre” has conducted several surveys on the most advanced vessels currently on the market . According to the results, they officially established the superiority of Imperial vessels over others. Second place went to Jericho who were slightly ahead of federation vessels by a small margin. They also established the low use of the cutting edge ships. Everything was simple: it was all based on finances. “Millions of drivers can not be wrong!” - said the Representative from “The Galaxy Center"


  1. A new corporation  U nited  C enter to work with  M ercenaries has discussed the latest galactic issues with pilots. First, the legalization of modifications to the ship systems. Second, the feature to access tactical information on the battlefield and detailed financial accounts upon returning to the hanger. as well as the potential negative and positive outcomes of the battle.


  1. Many Pilots are unhappy that ships and modules are being sold in a complete set. They believe this because the increased prices adds an unneeded premium to ship prices. U nited  C enter to work with  M ercenaries has directed a review for the situation and are looking at allowing pilots to purchase ships without modules at a discounted rate. No formal statement has yet been received.


  1. A number of corporations partnered with academic institutions have made a proposal for  U nited  C enter to work with  M ercenaries (UCM) to modify the modular category MK1. These modifications will improve the performance out of the newly overhauled modules.  U nited  C enter to work with  M ercenaries staff had no immediate comment .



Cultural News


  1. Some particularly cynical mercenaries have identified flaws in the established galactic rules and regulations. They accomplished these actions by transferring command of a fleet to another vessel just before the destruction of the command ship. At the moment there is a discussion of the problem and its possible consequences under galactic regulations. Pilots are strongly advised not to engage in this behaviour.


  1. The Conference of   O rganizations of the  U nited  F actions (OUF) addresses an already concluded matter that was discussed recently. It was decided to amend the “Rules of Combat Ethics”, resulting in a series of changes being made to the contracts and squadron regulations; in particular the formations of squadrons of differing technological levels. Specialists justify this decision by the fact that there is a shortage of pilots. As a result OUF may reduce or remove the contract system due to the ease of completing contracts in advanced squadrons. Pilots, renegade groups and even some corporations are very unhappy with this decision. The believe it will condemn many pilots to certain death.


  1. Because of the saturation of the market with spare parts found in destroyed vessels after space battles there has been a decline in the value of spare parts. One of the traders of the Federation said: “This space junk is all over the place, give me something worth while!” However, he did not specify what is really “worthwhile”.


Weather forecast

An anomalous wave of energy swept across star systems from the very core of our spiral galaxy. As a result of its transient effects there was a communications blackout. There are only a few stations that have since then been fixed and are capable of interstellar messages. All vessels are encouraged to report for repairs to their communications equipment as soon as possible. Anomalies caused by this phenomenon did not last not long.



Have You destroyed 30 enemies in one battle, but can not share this news with your friends? Are you wanting to squad with your corporation, but they’re asleep in their bunk? No pilots on duty to patrol with? It does not matter! Galactic Postal Service “Galactic Mail” is ready to help you.




Just recently, the United Center to work with the mercenaries began a collaboration with “Galactic Mail”. Tomorrow, all pilots will be asked to evaluate the ease and convenience of the new sub-systems and information. Polls on these service will be taken across the galaxy. Pilots should no longer be afraid to run out of cargo space. Storage Upgrades are now automatic. Costs Will automatically charge to the pilots account. In case of positive results after the test period, the feature will be introduced as a permanent service on stations near you!


I´m new to star conflict…But…Is this like a giant hint at what is coming in next patch? :smiley:

not all events are fictional.

some it’s this future change (1/2/5 and Advertisement). They writing it in the universe SC

Negative, just a fictional/factual news thread in happenings in Star Conflict.

I do believe factual means real facts.

This is amazing…you have too much time on your hands 0.o

Negative, just a fictional/factual news thread in happenings in Star Conflict.

This is not true :slight_smile: Some news are actual info. But it is encrypted :slight_smile: Enjoy decryption what will be in the next patch :wink:

This is not true :slight_smile: Some news are actual info. But it is encrypted :slight_smile: Enjoy decryption what will be in the next patch :wink:


this , and my view to the future is filled with optimizen . Can wait for what the future will bring :slight_smile:

Decrypting this and hoping it’s true made me very happy :smiley: Except number 9. Number 9 bothers me.

And GJ writing this Uhmari, it was quite an entertaining read :slight_smile:

Well sry that i forgot it, THX Uhmari , really nice to read , GJ :slight_smile:

Thumbs up. A very entertaining read.