inflicted damage indicator

First of all - let me appologize. I wanted to start this topic in “Mercenary center / Q&A pilot section” but this forum does not allow me to start any topic, except in “Violations and penalties” and “Bug report section” (someone should finally fix this several years old problem).

Now to my question: I cannot find where to turn off “inflicted damage indicator”. I mean thouse numbers, “splashing” from enemy ships, when you hit them - it’s extremly irritating. I managed to turn it off a few years ago, but I’ve now reinstalled the system with Steam and Star conflict, so some user settings have reverted to their default state and I cannot find the proper button in options. Please help - I know it sounds like trivia, but in this state is the game unplayable for me.
Thanks a lot.

I’m fairly certain that you can’t turn that off.

Ive never seen anyone with that turned off and I’ve actually never heard of anyone who wants that to be turned off until now lol.

On 9/8/2021 at 8:51 PM, Strong8610 said:

Please help

You can’t turn off the damage indicator