Indie too far long

Never knew this forum existed. Might as well try my luck here.


I’m an ex-EVO pilot (back in those glory-filled days);

I’m an average pilot (1360’s rating);

I mostly do T2s, but I have a set of T3 ships ready to fly (Prometheus 2 / Strong, Kite, Wolf-M / Nukem I, Crus-S and Kris-AE). I prefer flying Ceptors, but I can adjust fairly easily;


Always PvP corp because PvE is not only boring, it’s relatively pointless (the point to it is to farm Experimental gear, which is now far from easy to achieve);

Needs to be an active corp that’s willing to run squads most, if not all the time;

Preferably, I’d like to join a corp that doesn’t act like dicks towards the indie community, seeing as, most of the times, your game depends on them cooperating with you…


Feel free to PM me in-game or on steam (same nick). Here is ok, too, if I ever remember to come check this place…

Mmm, ever thought about joining NASA? I mean just yesterday, we had like 20 people on Team Speak and 3 squads rolling. 

I see you have made the requirements already to join with that impressive ship rating.


We have luckyo, a former EVO player as well in our corp, so former EVO corp mates are welcome, as long as they are active. 


Add me to your friends list in game, register on our website (Link in my signature), and I will give you the TS channel when I see you on. 


We are not a corp that has strict rules at all, we play for fun, and the fun comes when we work together. There is a specific rule that I follow. BE ON TEAMSPEAK, it gets you into squads, as those who have it, have priority over those who don’t. 


See ya in game.

Hey there buddy, My offer still stands for Illegally Explicit, Our main goal is fun, and its fun to fly as a squad :slight_smile:


Working on the Website/TS3 atm.


Fly safe,