Increase rewards for weekly tournament

The Rewards:

Right now its not really worth playing the tournament, because you can get way more rewards in portals or dreads.


Suggestion for reward increase:

  • 3 Wins

5mil credits, 25 monos, 25 xenocrystals, 550gs

  • 2 Wins

4mil credits, 25 monos, 400gs

  • 1 Win

3mil credits, 25 xenocrystals, 300gs

  • No Wins

1,5mil credits


Change Gamemode back to Teambattle?

Make an ingame poll about the tournament gamemode, or have them rotate every match.

(Teambattle, Beacon Hunt, Beacon Capture) for example…



No real reason to play tournament right now.

  • low rewards
  • more time consuming than dreads or portals
  • Possibility of getting nothing


Im open for other suggestions and feedback.


  • BTW, no gs or resource reward for “No Wins” so you dont have afk bots.


Right now most tournaments look like this: