Incorrectly assigned errand; Destroy Cyber's tracking station

Full and proper bug report:


1.) Mission elimination errand/contract gives you the objective, which cannot be fulfilled by following the instructions written on the screen.

2.) To fulfill the mission errand by following the objective on my screen.

3.) Nothing out of the ordinary to report, beside this issue. The rest of the conditions are fine.

4.) I think that the mission description is fine, but the objective and the target is definitely wrong, or incorrectly assigned for each errand. Objective only, most likely.

5.) Whenever this mission is active, it’s probably always the same. I do not remember, that that mission was actually fine ever before. However, I am not 100% sure.

6.) Jericho Border, Mining Site zone. Screenshots are provided below.


















7.) Screenshots and provided logs have all the necessary information. They only contain vital information, relevant to this issue. My time zone: (UTC + 01:00)

8.) Not needed or necessary, but provided anyway. 

9.) Not necessary. Connection issues have nothing to do with this bug or error.

10.) This issue is not related to the Sector Conquest mode.




Sincerely,  Koromac

in bug list long time ago.

actual thread






thank you Koromac…

I do agree with you and have discovered the same…I successfully kill the mercenary now, when tasked this…But, one interesting note…I had this last night and actually got credit for destroying the “Tracking Station”…!!!,apparently, their computer fluctuates back and forth…ha-ha!


thanks agian for your “clear posting” and explanation.


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Skula, where are you?!

I also had troubles with that mission, several times i wasted a lot of time trying to find that “station”, that can either be the merc or the cyber station. It could be that the merc deliver it to the station though (if nobody else kill him first), that could explain why it could be either. 

Skula, where are you?!

I am here

Is this bug is a double of [that bug](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25539-elimination-errand-wont-complete/)?

I am here

Is this bug is a double of [that bug](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25539-elimination-errand-wont-complete/)?


I think it’s the same.

Some people report, that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I am not sure.

Even so, this issue was reported multiple times. The last one was reported almost 2 months ago and it still exists to this day.

Bug ID 0048496, even if it’s the same bug report as mine, it’s still unsolved. Re-send it, to finally fix this issue.

Bug reports won’t help, if they get sent, but not fixed.


If any players have additional information, please share it here.




Thank you.

I got the same objective today and I destroyed the tracking station.

However, I didn’t check the mission objective and text.

Now I need to wait, when it comes to a mercenary contract, just to see, if this bug is really fixed or still present.


So far, it should remain open, until the others confirm or deny, that it’s working as intended.

This issue was fixed some time ago.


This thread can be closed.