Incorrect Collision on objects on map "Foul Ground"

  1. Multiple objects on the map “Foul Ground” have incorrect collision near the spawns of either team.

  2. To be able to pass by the objects without being stopped and/or taking collision damage.

  3. Attempting to pass by the cylinders near the spawns of each team on the map “Foul Ground”.

  4. The cylindrical objects near each teams spawns on the map have rectangular collision meshes instead of cylindrical, making it impossible to pass near each cylinder without taking heavy collision damage. This can be especially problematic during PvP as various ships take increased collision damage.

  5. Always.

  6. Video linked showing the objects in question with camera coordinates enabled. Same deal as last report I am unsure if logs are appropriate or not for reports regarding incorrect collision.

  7. Not relevant.

  8. Not Relevant as this happens to all users.

  9. Not relevant.

  10. Not relevant.


 Video shows the object in question with poor collision on multiple cases. Seemingly every version of the object on the map has this issue.



Accepted as SC-113740