Incorrect Collision mesh on objects on map "Stockade"

  1. A large amount of objects/map features have incorrect collision meshes on the Artuga map “Stockade”.

  2. To be able to pass by the objects without being stopped and/or taking collision damage.

  3. Attempting to pass near the transparent walls on the map stockade.

  4. On the “Artuga” map called “Stockade” every single version of the blue, transparent wall have incorrect collision meshes. Instead of conforming to the visible shape of the walls they extend roughly 100-200m too far above and below the walls as well as being perfectly rectangular. This prevents players from passing by the corners and has been responsible for a large amount of deaths inside of PvP modes whilst this map is in rotation.

  5. Always.

  6. Video will be linked as providing screenshots of every relevant object seemed inappropriate. Logs should not be required as this is an issue related to map geometry - if they are however let me know.

  7. Not relevant.

  8. Not relevant.

  9. Not relevant.

  10. Not relevant.


Video shows the object in question with poor collision on multiple cases. Seemingly every version of the object on the map has this issue.



It’s a know issue