In need of help

Hello guys im new to Star Conflict.

I am playing since yesterday and im realy enjoying it (im not that good though, hard to get kills)

I enjoy playing playing the fighter and interceptor. But im wondering what weapons would be best to use.

Also what ships and what skills to unlock in the tree.

All help and tips are welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

edit: Will there be a wipe in the future?

Hello and welcome,

the weapons choice is always depending on your playing style so it is hard to give a right answer.

About the skill tree, all modules and weapons are unlocked and useable because there will be a new skill tree in the near future.

There are no wipes planned.

I need help too. How can I change fraction in game (from Jerycho to Empire for example) ? Can I do it ?

If you want to change your main faction (For Example Empire) a “Forget ID” from the shop.

If you want to change your subfaction (For Example Techs) you can do it on the contracts tab. Select the desired subfaction in the contract window and click switch faction.

Thank you for help.