In Memory of Black Prophercy

who knows  it  and played it?


here a link to a nice pvp dogfight:    Black Prophercy



it was a great game, i wish star conflict could do copy some game mechanics from black prophercy, like quick pve missions for 1 Player!


Clan Stations, Junk and Wrack Sectors, Nuclear Clouds Sectors or anything novel


for example here a nice Melee Weapon from BP


and at least, Cockpits




The game was quite nice,I’ll give you that, but it was so horribly unbalanced and unfair…


I saw people with 50k hull while others flew with 2k-5k max…They just raped everyone…


But beyond some imbalances, it was a really nice game.

But after the beginning of the game(The intro) I really hoped I would one day be able to fly one of those capital ships, but I ended up with some xxxx interceptor with no chance to leave it :confused:


Oh, and cockpits suck :stuck_out_tongue: 3rd person will always be better than 1st person if both have equal skill.


The game was quite nice,I’ll give you that, but it was so horribly unbalanced and unfair…

yep thats badly true, i played melee plasma at the beginning i just oneshot everything was coming close to me:)

i think the old guys from [spin] spaceinvaders remember the first carnage in ressourcen battles :lol:  vs our clan dont remember it was -Starfighter- or something like that



Oh, and cockpits suck :stuck_out_tongue: 3rd person will always be better than 1st person if both have equal skill.

depens how you play, i prefer longrange midrange without dogfighting, cockpit /1st person :smiley:

I was in the beta for that game, because a distant friend knew the dev team, but I was actually pretty disappointed, since the mechanics of that game were not really flying, like you do in SC. It was basicly an MMO-RPG with some twitch elements, not a real space sim, which was still pretty groundbreaking, just not what I had hoped for.


I did not know, that the game already vanished… sad… I can remember how much I waited to be finally able to play the Beta first time, downloaded it as soon as it came out, and played only couple hours in the end.


However I still have it as a positive experience in my mind, because for what it was, it was pretty funny. But mainly it only triggered another year of Eve for me :slight_smile:


Nice to see some videos however, what it became. Kinda feel ashamed now, I did not give it more of a try.

It wasn’t that much fun from my memory sadly. The PVE was good. But the PVP was crap. 


Edit: The PVP was mostly crap because I saw the same people with 50k health killing everyone and not ever getting killed.

i had with some players in endgame jointly much fun to play agains them.

 sure if a full equipt player was coming in lowlvl zones, it was just :bomber:  :facepalm:

We hope this game doesnt have the same ending, a game used to be cool but its unbalance issues and other things killed them game.

Financial issues killed the game, but yeah the balance issue caused the financial issues.

I was a member of the Genide clan, WAR Division 3. Flew under the monikers Beroya and Ariphes.


  1. The main issue I had with the game was the bland and ill-explained storyline. You learned that there was this group of baddies called the Jadd Baran that everyone hated (something about humankind taking revenge on the super-beings for persecuting them). You start out as a regular human who somehow gets in the middle of something much bigger than yourself when missions you take for the Genide and Ty ambassadors are inexplicably sabotaged pinning the blame for acts of terror on you.


From there you fight a big alien ship that appears out of nowhere, and everyone gets warp drive from the wreckage.



After that boss battle you go “undercover” as either a Genide or Ty pilot, which makes no sense because both factions should hate you at this point. After choosing one of the major races (because staying as a normal human is dumb) you get to listen to a nice monologue about your new life as a screen with the words “Time Passes” flashes in front of your eyes. And from there you griiiiiiiiiind. And grind. And grind. Until the next nonsensical story plot comes along. It really killed immersion.


  1. I also had an issue with ‘combos’. As you ranked up, you literally unlocked combos for your ship. Absurd combinations of button presses, such as W/W/W to boost, W/A/S to perform a sharp U-turn, W/D/D to barrel roll, etc. I spent more time trying to figure out how to fly my ship than I did killing other players.


  1. The repair mechanic was absurd. You could purchase two variations of repair packs; one for IGC and one for Premium money. BUT, you could only repair one ship part at a time, and your ship could only repair said part once it’s condition dropped below 50%. Below 50%, the ship’s performance started to suffer as the part continued to deteriorate. Ready for the kicker? The IGC repair pack would only restore a part to 51% health. The Premium pack would repair to 100%.


  1. The game was pure Pay 2 Win. Everything could be bought with real money. There was one guy on the Ty side that everyone hated because his ship was super OP and he had paid for every single part.


  1. Snipers. A properly fitted long-range gunship was nearly unstoppable. The sniping mechanic was done well, but it really was the primary way to dominate other players.


  1. The game separated players into tiers to such a degree that it felt more like three or four games sharing the same server.


I was not sad to see Black Prophecy die; though the visuals were quite stunning and I liked the modular design and customization of the ships.