in-game screen recorder

Hi all,


It would be interesting to see an in-game screen recorder. For a number of reasons. Please vote in the poll in case you find this useful.



1 - would be turned on by a simple key (like Ctrl+letter, or letter only?) ----> have an on-screen, small timer (with minutes, seconds AND miliseconds - this is VERY important, for lots of modules/actions) as long as it is active —> same key combination to turn off; repeat to record again.

2 - it would save the file locally, on your hdd/ssd, no “cloud” or other far away server;

3 - create an mpg4 file, with decent quality (720p standard level, can be set higher depending on your computer?);

4 - since the whole install package has almost 8GB when you donwload, i think it wouldn’t make a great impact on the size;

5 - a special section on the forum (or can existing ones be used?) where you can upload the video (or some auto-upload function?);

6 - it would be strictly recording. No editing, no modifying, only recording. Basics. To edit, you’d need to use a third party software;



7 - TRANSPARENCY. TRANSPARENCY. And yes, TRANSPARECNY again. This needs some detailing:

7.1 - reporting abnormalities (not bugs) like, for example: ultra-fast interceptors, open space pirates, funny damage taken or given, other gameplay strange things. This would be very useful for both rookies and pro players, as here one can post the video and chat on that event. There are lots of kills in PVP which simply don’t make sense (remember transparency?) so this would be a very nice way of clearing up any cheating subjects. Eveyone can see that event - players, devs, non-players, and can say a few words about it.

7.2 - insta bug spotting - they say ‘an image is worth 1000 words’ so what easier way to report a bug?

7.3 - simply upload a good fight/pilots, to give kudos?

7.4 - it would be a great way to kill the rumours that individual accounts are nerfed (by reducing the damage output in order to pi$$ off the players). This kind of rumours can easily be cleared if, for example, 2-4 pilots having the same build + crew settings deal a different ammount of damage, this would be a clear proof that individual accounts are being nerfed (for x,y,z reasons). The theory that it would be simpler to ban a player instead of nerfing his/her account stands…not.

7.5 - it would enhance (a lot!) the “tricky” kills/cases - for example, when you kill a ship in a very short time, both the attacker and the defender can post the video. This has a huge impact on clearing up the kill, everyone could see if it’s a real kill or if a player is cheating (in any way). PVP and Sector Conquest are the places where this happens a lot.

7.6 - * Feel free to add any other advantage you think this would bring.



8.1 - time to develop? Or not really? is there a free software that does that already, that could be implemented?

8.2 - … can’t think of any other con… again, feel free to add if you think of some.









Both Nvidia and AMD have their own video capture softwares. OBS and other third party video recorder are also available if you prefer. I don’t see why Devs would devote resources on tools that already exist in the market.



Devs releasing their game replay viewer however, now THAT would be nice.

The game already has an integrated voice chat function, which pretty much nobody uses as Teamspeak and Discord are much better alternatives, so essentially the same would apply for video recording, OBS does the job pretty well.

In game replay would probably be more feasible as other software mentioned already can continuously record video and “save” important events at the press of a button.

In game replay function also takes far less resources and space as it records inputs and location parameters of things rather than video. Numbers take far less space ;p