Impure graphite lumps are not transmitted.

Dear people,

I have collected a very long time in “Gas Harvest Station” minerals.

When I send this with the little ball on the side of the gate, does not increase the number of graphite lumps in my home station.


Direct bring home is ok.


I have a feeling that something is lost.


Or is what sells from transfer to pay this? Even though I have enough money.

Does anyone have the same problems?




Greetings to the community.

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graphite lumps ? do you mean graphite ores ?

Transferring cargo always works. 

Did you check in Workshop > components. and you did not crafted em to graphite plate ?



yes, graphite ores.


I tested it again, and I have seen nickel ores have the same icon as graphite ores. So it could be, that i had confused it.


Sorry…-> “fast gameplay”.