Improvements to P4Fun-disaster since 0.8.1. patch?

Hi all,


I quit Star Conflict with patch 0.8.1 since the disastrous changes to the loot and premium loot system.

I’ve just read some of the last patch notes but found no indication that this has been reverted.


Can you tell me if or if not they’ve put the loot and general pricing system back on tracks? What are the loot success rates for cash/no-cash and how often do you get improved quality equipment?

Also, did they fix those long-known bugs in missions that allowed to completely ignore enemy damage, like floating near a surface?


Did the game in principle improve since 0.8.1 and which would you consider the most important changes?


Thinking about giving it a short try but before I reinstall I’d like some opinions from other players who have joined no later than 0.8


Thanks in advance!

Looting is still the same, sadly. 

1. Loot
loot still the same as in:
I get purples at the same rate as I did before the change.
Biggest plus point for the new loot system is MORE CREDITS
You find loot = Keep
Chance to find = very low
You find loot = try to keep
If broken = get extra credits
if not broken = keep
chance to find = higher than before
2. Pricing
Ship prices have been reduced by alot.
T4 ships are now what T3 prices used to be. While at the same time credits reward for T4 matches slightly higher?
Repair bills have been halved
In short = The Credit grind is gone now.
3. Loot Success Rates
checkout betatrash’s post it’s pretty accurate
[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20981-star-conflict-obt-v091-discussion/?view=findpost&p=220706)
4. PVE bugs

  • I dont play PVE but what I’ve heard is that bugs on some maps are fixed. On others it’s still going on.
    5. Did Game Improve?
    Yes - No
    No = Lag is now in the game. Before 0.8.1 everything was smooth. Something’s changed on their end from 0.8.1 and it’s causing network issues. Since 0.9 number of concurrent players online have also risen causing even more network troubles. Me for eg. I cannot fly interceptors anymore due to this.
    Yes = Balance. Weapon’s damage to HP + OP healing has been restat and things do die now as it should. Fighters are making a comeback. Interceptors toned down a notch while camera for Frigates was rolled back to how it was. sorta. T5 is in so T2 ‘games’ have moved on up to T3 so if you were a T2 player you have new toys to fondle. If you were a T3 player before, things aren’t so peachy. Moving up to T4 you have your own issues to deal with. Staying down in T3 and you’re basically playing T2 all over again and all plus and minuses that comes with that.
    NOoooo = The Credit Grind has been replaced with The Synergy Grind. Moving up the ranks is faster if you unlock one ship path at a time. Trying to unlock everything on the tree will take atleast 6 times longer.
    NooOooO = Synergy Grind also brought along his ugly sister who is killing teamplay in matches between random strangers. People are not spawning ships the team needs but rather spawn ships they need to rank up. So you have people picking Long Range Frigates for captains in combat  recon. Absolutely no engineers in some games. 10 Engineers in another game … stupid crap like that.
    NooOoOoooo = Ranking up the way it’s needed means people play less for objectives and more for kills and assist. certain demographics preferred that over winning matches but since you posted here on the English forums I can safely assume you won’t be happy with the state of things in this department.

Thinking about giving it a short try but before I reinstall I’d like some opinions from other players who have joined no later than 0.8

YES = The game is still stupid fun like it’s always been. New weapons and balancing between ship classes makes it even more so. When the game doesn’t lag I can overlook the other flaws and just enjoy blowing stuff up.


My recommendation:


Download and reinstall

Play for a month

Get bored over The Grind

Rage over The Lag

Leave the game again


That’s me being honest.

Yeah, what he said.


I didn’t play before 0.8, but the biggest issue you’ll probably find is synergy and how it relates to ships spawned.  I’ve spawned ships mainly for synergy and not teamwork as a result of the 0.9 patch.  The problem with following one line, you have to stay in lower ranks to level up other ships you want to get.


Don’t buy premium ships if you want to advance tiers, they just don’t help.

So how frequent is that lag thingy? I don’t like playing precision (shooter) games with server-lag.

For me - whenever I get thrown into the Russian server

For others - when concurrent players online goes above a certain number of people at once

For some - when they have laggy players in their match

So how frequent is that lag thingy? I don’t like playing precision (shooter) games with server-lag.

If Kine isn’t in your battle it’s ok. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, it’s laggy in most battles now, seems to be down to individual players lagging it out because it’s a lot of intermittent stop motion lag now that depends on who’s near you. Made a video about it: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21139-lag-due-to-individual-players-with-bad-connectivity/).

Different from the server overload lag we had before, although that’s still there as well.


Kine-sensei, I liked your blue engineer better.

As of now. I cannot recommend this game to friends.