Improved transporter security/protection

After the [latest happening](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/31208-operation-crystal-cuckoo-seventh-letter/) there must be something done! I was already the opinion, the security of transporters is weak. So I thought how this problem could be solved.


There are 3 options:

a) More ships - while this would be one solution, the focus on the object(transporter) wouldn’t change and the likelihood of surving would only be improved against small attacker, that wouldn’t improve it in the desired way.

b) reinforced transporter - while this would buy time to be taken down, it have a few downsides as well. Either reduced transport capacity or bigger size. Something that isn’t so good, but at least let them survive longer.

c) Improved protection level. But how could this be done if neither more ships or reinforcing the transporter is the best option? Answer: Another ship only built for protecting it.

How this could be done? With a command bubble!(diffusion shield)

The specialized command ship can create a diffusion shield big enough to cover the whole transporter. With additional energy capacitor it has enough energy to protect it as well.

The downside is, that it can only focus on the transporter and it has no energy left for modules or any weapon system leaving it prone for being the first target before the main target(the transporter) can be brought down.

But this would at least help the transporter to survive a bit longer w/o having to much downsides.


Edit: The commando ship would have 1500 energy capacitiy, 200 energy/s regeneration and 10 damage/energy consumption.


So is this a good option?


Note: Don’t take it to serious, it’s a bit lore filled.



I’ll take reinforcerd transporter, but first we need to know who send those weak transport through alien infested sectors. To put him into martial court. Immediately.