Improved Armor Tech

1500% resistance to all armor resists (at lvl 5). This must be a typo?

Although I was good at dodging before, now I have it to lvl 5, I don’t even need to bother half the time.

it’s a real problem IMO.

the defense improves mostly on frigates as long as common sense goes, and it gets to a point where i can’t scratch a tier 3 frigate with a tier 2 interceptor, even when shooting at it the whole match.

my rapid fire plasma cannons usually hit about 200 on interceptors, but only 90 or so on that frigate(and its shields regen faster than i can do that).

well… have you try using the achilles system, weakness scanner, target painter, EMP or energy draining from energy and electronic tech tree? i think rational already being a fat -almost- immobile frigate is harder to kill than normal ship, they last line defenders anyway…

and i think energy-research tree frigate worse than engineering… have you ever missile a frigate but hardly scratch the shield?

Try doing some reasearch. Frigets can be invulnerable with the proper systems, but that invulnerability lasts for 20-30 seconds. After that, they are dead meat. And they can’t fire much in invulnerable mode, because they don’t have enough capacitor. 2 interceptors ganging up on a frigate, frigate stands ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE alone. It can only hold up and hope for help to come fast. 1v1, it’s equal chances.

And besides this. Always remember. TORPEDOES can 1 shot frigates if used properly.

took all it shield, then torpedo that frigate… as long he not moving, boom…

actually works to any type… just for shooting one to fighter or interceptor gonna need epic skill

Epic skill in self destruction XDDDDD

Did this once. Int shot me low cycling around me, i torped an emi t2. Int -> Boom, me -> boom. Fatalaty!


Most Frigs use Shield resistance to tank dmg and recharge shield afterwards. This way you can survive at least up to 1 min. Higher tier needs focus from more players to get down bevore recharge is ready. Annoying if a frig camps a point and wont go down.