Improve existing classified documents or replace them with secret project components, or combine both.

I collected classified documents. When I collect and own classified documents, everyone in the existing system gets alerted.

They do not know my exact location, or even the player alone, but they are aware of a “carrier”, which can be under station protection or not.


However, most of the people don’t know that you can acquire classified documents, if you own a Spatial Scanner, or by the loot from Treasure Hunters or Explorers in rank 10 danger sectors for the same benefits.

It is far less time consuming and dangerous. I think that the reward for the wait and possible appearance of classified documents should be better rewarded.

So far, there is no difference between regular friend or foe module and classified documents. This must be corrected!

This is one of the major reasons, why I want you to tweak, or at least improve this aspect, to be worthy of consideration.



Slight rework/improved aspect of classified documents:


Empire classified documents ( Legion and Wardens )

Federation classified documents ( Armada and Vanguard )

Jericho classified documents ( Raid and Techs )


As you can see, you will now get 15000 loyalty vouchers for the entire faction. That is a total of 30000 loyalty vouchers.


I also strongly suggest, that the amount should also be raised from 15000 loyalty vouchers to 30000 loyalty vouchers.

That would apply for the whole faction, as usual. The total would then be 60000 loyalty vouchers.

100% increase would be more appealing for most pilots.


Classified documents can also remain only undefined classified documents - neutral classified documents.

If you would only lack certain type of faction’s classified documents, you would still be able to decide, to what base would you like to take them.


If you deliver “classified documents” to Empire, they become Empire classified documents (Legion, Wardens - 15000 = 30000 total) and so on.

100% increase (Legion, Wardens - 30000 = 60000 total) loyalty vouchers.

Classified documents are determined and converted , when you successfully dock in the base.

Same rules apply for all factions.


Shown example of classified documents: (Vanguard only - old system, currently still valid)




If you don’t want to do that, do this.



Remove classified documents and replace them with random Secret Project component** s**.

Percentage ratio should be high enough to keep people really interested. By default, these occurrences are still too low and they are not even guaranteed every time, when we get a message about the distress signal.


Those are: (random listed order)


exterior structures (hull slot)

internal structures (resource slot, required for assembly)

engine package (engine slot)

computing systems (CPU slot)

deflector package (shield slot)

reactor package (capacitor slot)


Preventive measures :


You can also “impose a limit” on those parts, if you already got one. It’s all optional, but I highly recommend it.

I would propose that you can obtain only 1 random Secret Project component per day, if the same player gets it.

You can only carry 1 random Secret Project component at a time, once you collect the cargo.

That player would then only just get classified documents instead of the Secret Project component.

If enemy player kills another player bearing one, he can also collect it, but that’s the only alternative.


Station protection : (optional)


Station protection should always be disabled , regardless of safe or unsafe sectors.

Whenever you carry classified documents/secret project component or both, you will always have station protection inactive , even in safe sectors.

If you drop your classified documents and/or secret project component in a safe sector , you will regain station protection again, if it’s enabled by default.


General assessment for both combined ideas with additional improvements: (optional)


Statistics on how many such random components should spawn within 24 hours, a ratio between classified documents and those components should be determined by the developers themselves.

Percentage ratio should be high enough, to keep people still really interested.

By default, those occurrences are still too low now and they aren’t even guaranteed every time, when you get the message about the distress signal. This should be removed and used differently.

We should always get 100% chance to locate the distress signal successfully, if we wait for decryption process to complete.

So far there is no such guarantees with the current system we have in place.

However, if we don’t collect the cargo it in the next 5 minutes , then the loot should disappear and only then we should get signal lost message.

Spawn intervals for such loot should be set to 20** -30** minutes tops. We should always get notified immediately about the distress signal message, or if the loot location is already decrypted.


Shown example:




Important notice:


As you can see, the description states that we can find every Secret Project component in Invasion.

I would like to remind you (developers), that your testimony was and is false , since you confirmed, more than once, that they actually exist in Invasion mode in “Questions to the developers” section.

Remove false description , or fix it and state, that those parts can only be found randomly (purple loot spots every 3 days) in Special Ops scenario (PVE).

They do not exist within Invasion. You can only create them , if you craft them.

Description is incorrect.



At the end, you can also implement both options.

You can combine both improved ideas and make the game more interesting and competitive.

strongly encourage the developers to do so.


Do not forget to vote!


In any case, this change is needed and I hope that you will implement it.




With respect,  Koromac

I can see entire corp-wars happening over a single document. I say let it be so. Sounds fun :smiley:

Seeing as secret docs are nothing but a hinderance, i support this. I can carry much more in terrms of vouchers from friend or foe modules withut an announcement that I’m carrying a petty amount of loot.


Raise the amount. Significantly.


Also, make secret documents de-activate station protection to counter the boost in value.

I definately support it.

same from me. are real good ideas

the ideas are good ones, EXCEPT station protection should still be in force, otherwise only the top pilots will end up with them, bringing pilot vs pilot battle all the way to the station, that would always ensure that only the top people would get those vouchers, which is unfair to all the rest of the players in this game. You want to start making the population of this game decline that’s a good start.  So, in essence, if these changes are made including lack of any station protection for those that choose it, 2 things will happen, 1. only the best players will get the loot, including teams of players to ambush the pilot with the docs/ship parts, this is an unfair advantage over new players, 2. this will drive players away from this game, the population that play this game is low enough as it is.

wonderful it would make for a better experience for the player…I support it 

Thank you for feedback.

If you gree with the idea, but you don’t fully support it, please write down below, what would you like to change and how.

thoughts of GGGWolf are not as bad. could be prob the thing with the station protection even if i thought not about before. ohter suggestions sound as fine as before for me

I disagree about the 100% increase to vouchers gained because this is too much. Those who farm invasion will be able to get way more vouchers than those doing it “the hard way” in PVP. Vouchers from invasion should just remain a little surprise boost from time to time, and not the main source of income, as I can see happening if this is implemented.

As for the secret project ship parts, once again I disagree, because this would become a main source of income. What’s the point of doing your dailies every day for four/five days in a row, and gathering all the required materials, when you can just pick up a part randomly by waiting for sufficient time in a sector? Also the point that this would increase fighting over secret documents is false. People would just wait until after EU prime time when invasion is empty to go “parts hunting” just as is the case now for “blueprint hunting”.

I’m the first to say that the devs need to put more things in place to make invasion attractive, but this is not the right way to do it. They need to focus on the PVP aspect and not the PVE/farming aspect. For example a bounty hunting system or daily missions which PVP-orientated for example kill a pilot or a certain number of police or guard turrets.

Look, 1 T5 weapon costs 270000 loyalty vouchers. If you get 30000/30000 with my 100% increase for the whole faction (example: Empire - Legion, Wardens) you would still need to get the same classified documents at least 9 times for only 1 weapon upgrade!

You need to know that you can’t really anticipate what kind of documents will you get, or if you will get them first. Nobody would just bother to be in Invasion to get those classified documents.


If I would be in charge of making Invasion, I would make things far more interesting. I would put in some bounty hunters (AI controlled ones with T5 ships/Secret Project ships, all fully synergised, maxed with mark IV/V equipment bots and with all implants). Max 1-2 of them. Chance of getting them is 25% - 50% in unsecure sectors. However, this is another suggestion, which I will pass.


My point is that your fear is not justified. So far, I do not care, even if I get them. I just drop them, because they mean more trouble for me. I can get the same ones with no difference in terms of costs, importance and danger. Well, if you can count “classified document carrier” as a danger sign. Nobody no longer cares. Even top criminals. Nobody bothers to get 15000 classified vouchers, when you can get normal vouchers even easier and with less hassle.

the content of this documents will change soon - wait for a nice surprice

the content of this documents will change soon - wait for a nice surprice


It’s a surprise and it’s a nice surprise. I can’t wait!

Nothing has changed in v1.1.0!

All that changed is a term name and an icon!

You still get loyalty vouchers for one sub-faction - 15000 loyalty vouchers only.

The rest is exactly the same!

It’s not a surprise, if the content isn’t new or reworked.





Update/Patch version 1.0.18 (obsolete - old version)


ea42sn.png  Federation classified documents - Vanguard loyalty vouchers - 15000 currency


Update/Patch version 1.1.0 (recent - up-to-date version)


2iw9aao.png  Jericho Alien tech blueprints - Raid loyalty vouchers - 15000 currency



Can you explain this?

Please, forward this suggestion to the developers, gekaler.




Thank you.

these are not artifacts



thanks for your input - forwarded to Devs

these are not artifacts

Is this a bug or not?


If it says alien artifacts, we should get Iridium then.

Probably around 200-250 points for each piece.

What is the point of having different description, but the same reward?

good day. this idea is very useful and we might use when we reconsider this issue. but at the moment we can’t implement it.