Important: Info about stuff

It is sad that having tons of stuff -modules, mods, weapons, etc., there is hard to learn what each thing is exactly for.

-For example, if I mouseover a weapon, It should show a double tooltip:

One with the weapon im checkin;, another with the weapon I have equiped.

And not only showing the current vague descriptions, but the entire stats from one and the other (ratio, accuracy, maximum range, optimal range, etc.) in orden to compare them with precise information.

Discuss. :01212:

Precise descriptions and also better previews will come during the closed beta also the final hangar will be the biggest part of this. But currently we only have this vague descriptions available.

Dont blame the devs for this, they still need to implement the other races, new maps and also some of the equipment stuff. Also this is an already known issue and theyll work on it.

I’v already figured it out, making it clear, glad to see this is gonna be improved to.

well… just please bear for this moment by trial and error those modules and stuff hahaha…