Implement Dreadnought Battles Mode in Custom Battles

We can all train in all battle scenarios, but we can’t train for Dreadnought Battles in Custom battles.

It was already suggested that you implement a simple system, which will allow just that.


There are a few simple rules.

  • you can’t queue solo (you need at least 4 players minimum on your team)

  • you must have an equal amount of enemy players as well, who match your number on your team

  • you can also modify and replace missing players with bots, which will be generated for you

  • you can form a group or a wing of pilots (4->8->12 max)

  • you can also use rank 8, 11 and rank 14 Destroyers


Benefits of the interface: (should be fully customizable)

  • you can fully arm and randomly equip dreadnought on both sides (allied and enemy dreadnought)

  • GS ammunition and missiles are not used

  • craftable ammunition is not used

  • there is no repair and resupply cost



  • there is no rewards awarded to each participant



  • Boosters do not apply in standard custom matches



Make it simple and easy to use.



And give unlimited time option to custom battles. 

Just say, it is an old idea.

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/27223-custom-match-corp-dread-training-battles/?p=323323)

Just say, it is an old idea.

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/27223-custom-match-corp-dread-training-battles/?p=323323)

Of course, I know about this. But it’s time to reopen an old idea and make it new.


What is old is new again!

Old but fair ideea.