Implants and Ships? New Player


Im kinda new to the game so can anybody advise me on good ships to have and which implants are needed?


I currently have a Federation Swift Mk II.



Any help would be appreciated.


Thank You

What’s your modus operandi? That’s the major factor that determines which ships would feel more comfortable in your hands. 

what do you mean modus operandi?

First of all, you must fly all the roles and see what fits your style, then you must choose your implants according to what you use. IE: If you decide to go all Interceptor, then those that decrease afterburner consumption, increase speed, give less spread, and stuff like that, will be your priority. You can always choose to specialize, but you’ll be in inferiority when it comes to battles where your choosen class isn’t the best choice. You can try to be a Jack of All Trades, but again, you’ll be poorly specializated and you won’t excel at anything.

In my case, I choose to use the implants that make up for the “lows” of my favourite ships, but trying to keep a little balance in case I want to fly something different (if the situation calls for it). If you tell us what’s your actual lineup, we can give you some advice.

I really like the interceptor for the federation i own the swift mk II.


I mostly pvp especially the point captures so whats a class that gets alot of kills in pvp?

It really depends in your style and where you feel the most comfortable

We propose to new player to test each ship until T2 and then kind of focus.

Be aware you need a frigatte if you wanna play High Tier PvE.

Anyway you may like the Wiki as it Contains General Infos about ships

You may have a Look at my skilltree

Unless it has sligthly changed it may be a good indicator for You

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21475-skillbaum/?hl=skillbaum)

You may also try Important resi Infos

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20483-damage-resistance/?hl=damage+resist)

My Last tip: go out and Look for a corp, they usually explain this more Detailed

Have Fun


As others have already pointed out, you should experiment with other ships and have a feel of what all the classes are like. Even if you don’t like certain classes, flying them will help you learn more about the game.


I really like the interceptor for the federation i own the swift mk II.


I mostly pvp especially the point captures so whats a class that gets alot of kills in pvp?


I’m assuming you want a ship that focuses on damage dealing. Immediately the gunship comes to mind. They have excellent burst damage so I guess you might like them. Most gunships are from Empire, and they’re slow and reasonably tanky. Feds have some gunships; they’re faster and a lot more fragile. 


Alternatively, command fighters are a viable option as well. They’re generally useful for all situations, and as a tanky frontline support class you’ll be in the thick of things. Jericho command fighters have more shields and a little more speed than those from Empire.


Covops is the damage dealer out of all the intys, and you’ve probably figured that out already. Jericho has slower but tankier covops, so you might want to try one out and have a feel of it. 


Recons (Empire/Fed) can be built for damage as well. They are balanced ships with excellent mobility, so you can quickly reposition yourself. Their ability to steal shields allows them to ‘deal damage’ (so to speak), and they can use proximity mines (deadly if you get used to the way they work).