Implant federation R14. 7 sec to 3 sec.

okay so. the implant time is changed from 7 sec to 3 sec.  i though there was something mysterious each time i lost the shields the last 50 matches and it vent visible so fast…

or is there something that can affect this that i dont know about yet?



Uhm i made a video but the quality is soo bad because i used windows movie maker wich makes quality bad but to decrease size (mb). and my upload speed is not that great. 


PUT IT TO FULLSCREEN, AND 720P, need to open it on youtube to change to 720p looks like it cant be done in this forum. then it just goes to regular size. 


as you can see im not shooting or using any modules after stealth activated. so maybe all the other R14 Implants is also changed to 3 sec. who knows. but it says 7. and 3 is kinda useless.