Implant bug Alpha-Inhibitor "SP-25" J5 Implant

  1. The implant bonus of +3% speed isn’t correctly applied to destroyers/(all ships?). It lack the +3% reverse speed!

  2. That the +3% speed bonus give you +3% max speed/afterburners AND +3% reverse speed.

  3. The destroyer(Antares) lack the increased reverse speed coming from the J5 implant speed bonus. The implant need to be fixed!

  4. No Logs.

For Screenshots please look at the [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/29495-procyon-faction-bonus/) thread as there are the relevant screenshots.


I don’t think reverse speed is taken into account for the implant in the first place, someone correct me if i am wrong…

Alpha-Inhibitor “SP-25” must to increase onle forward speed