‘Imperial Transport Hub’ panorama



The UMC continues to talk about what is happening in the Star Conflict universe at the present time. The history of the fringe sectors is happening right before our eyes…



Former Imperial Sectors
System: Ontregos


Before the war, there were service stations that served the transports going to Ontregos from other systems of the Empire. It was a kind of crossroads of all neighbouring trade and transit routes. A very busy place, where you could always refuel, rest and trade. 


But after the Alien attack, the Imperial transport hub turned into a typical dump, which is of interest only to the most unpretentious personalities. So looters, multiplying in the Hermes Block, are stripping away the remaining equipment from the destroyed stations. 


Using outdated data, cruisers from inner worlds sometimes come here and often fall into pirate ambushes. It is also through this zone that Sparta leads its transport convoys with humanitarian aid for refugees from the Doomed Flotilla.



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Secret Empire tech - space traffic light

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