[Image] What's your take if this was a visual from the future Star Conflict?

Hey everyone!




Was bingeing on Sci-Fi videos on DUST via Youtube today, and I came across this short film, which 100% reminded me of my first impression of Star Conflict before I first launched it (I was thinking of something like Fractured Space-y)…  but that impression of mine was put off by the game’s attempt to fuse sci-fi and steampunk-level technology together, based on the graphics. Perhaps this could still be a reality if a major graphics revamp was performed! It would spell a disaster for lower-end GPUs though, considering the LoD (for non-gaming/GFX veterans, that means “Level of Detail”) on the assets, but still! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEMWW4fx-l0 for the full video!


What do you think if this is how Star Conflict looks like in the future?


(PS: With slightly “heavier” and longer SFX audios for the ships’s thrusters. “Fast and nimble” isn’t exactly what I would imagine from a ship like that, but as long as it’s IN the game, holy hell, I am SO into it!)

Looks more like a shot from Star Citizen (inquire in pm’s for details but it’s hella expensive and honestly not nearly done yet).

I love the realism, but honestly I like the gameplay of Star Conflict a whole lot better. There’s just more to do in Star Conflict atm and the physics are more user friendly. (it’s also mostly free lol)

When I watched the video, I felt like I was watching “Prometheus”, “Аlien”, and “Тerminator”, but the budget did’t reach the scenes with the robot  ![:laugh:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh.gif “:laugh:”) 

Add something like Elite Dangerous???Or more???Or Freelancer’s high way portal???