I'm not so sure what gun i shall use...

Hey everyone, today i’m almost reaching rank 8 and i’m happy to buy wolf because i love ships with overdrive.

But then i started to worry a bit, when i get Wolf Mk II later what weapon shall i use?

I know Wolf Mk II doesnt have an overdrive so i need some tips, i’ve been watching Attack Ships Guide videos but i see only information about T1 and T2 and i still can’t find T3 Attack Ship information.

I’m still not sure what to buy when im getting Wolf Mk II, buy ‘‘Hail’’ Plasma Cannons or Heavy Railguns?

Or maybe Rapid-Fire Plasma Cannons or continue using Rapid-Fire Railguns?

Please guys i need some help with choosing! Maybe some of you can help me?

That would be great! Please comment the answers down. ;)wt

> Heavy Railguns.



I’d suggest Assault Rails.

On gunships assault plasmas are the way to go. On tacklers it’s a hard choice between RF weapons or assault.

I still do no know what to use  :blink2: cuz I think Wolf Mk II need something that can take out the enemy fast and easy.

What’s its special module?

If it’s chameleon, use the rails and plasma (rapid fire) and find which works for you.

Hmm, i think i should try that maybe that help who knows? ( っ◕‿◕っ)





‘‘Do you believe in cheese?’’

If your aiming skills are above great you can safely try hail plasma and stab rails.

im also for HailP; their alpha strike is very nice (but i play T2, idk how it would look like in T3). AssaultR could work also; what I would definitively not use are the short range weapons

I think i gonna try that too, because i know that fighters needs medium range and high damage weapons.  ( っ◕‿◕っ)

Sometimes I play a nukem 1 with stab rails/hail plasma and critical damage…only way to deal a little bit of damage in t3…still not a good idea to fly a gunship…

Its sad but its true, engis and commands are THE ships to go for in t3…