I'm back and have a question about Zeta nods

It’s long time since I have paused playing this game, and many have changed…
And I finally made to Zeta third “F” mode.


But here is my problem:

Since I have no idea how many points needed to go to rank 15, so I have problem with constructing my build.


Here is my current nod:



My plan is making a shield tanked fast destroyer, so I will use red circle nods.

My calculation: 685+130+40+15= 870 points total.
Is this enough to go to rank 15?

If not how many points do I need?


P.S. Also suggestion: Please put minimum points to unlock certain rank, so we can manage rank easily.

You reach rank 15 at 900 points, easiest way to find out the exact values is to meddle with the build and be a few points off a rank, unfortunately the progression bar isn’t linear, so without knowing the specific rank number all you can do is guess.

So sad we have to guess ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)
If this was Tai’kin, I will unlock as many nods as possible to guess, but in Ze’ta it is very hard due to high nods cost