IIN Issue 16 (28) on 4613.04.17

Main news

1 . With the recent clash in Sector conquest, citizens of the three races are on the streets calling for impending invasions. Officials still continue to comment that no war will take place High amounts of credits have been offered to mercenaries for the conquest of systems on behalf of the three races. More to Come at a later date.


2 .  A newly created defense technology created by the federation has proven to be very prosperous. This new alloy has proven so lucrative  that it has fueled and funded the research development and deployment of new ships. Inside Sources also Notify us that outdated Federation and Jericho Ships have been updated for Heavy Combat Operations. The Newly Improved Phase Shield has proven highly effective both on the battle field, and at aggravating enemies. Because of the safety provided from the new improvements to phase shields, Pilots everywhere are jumping out of their old fighters and interceptors to take part in the more safer highly defended frigates.


To other news

3 The UCM has declared that mercenaries are now to be rewarded with 50,000 credits and gratitude for distinguished performance on the battlefield.


Representatives of all factions declared that pilots with licenses to fly the new developed Tier 5 Ships, will have their licenses revoked. After this announcement

a large amount of discontent from veteran pilots took place All chanting things like “We risked our Lives!” Then short after demanding the previous contributions grant them rights to fly the newly developed ship classes. A representative from the council of war veterans has threatened to strike at the production facilities if their

cries are not heard.

4 . A number of ship drawings from an unknown origin was found today. These drawings contained Secret information  of a galaxy, a strange figure, a skull,  a  2 and 7 on various parts of the galaxy painted on it. On it also was pentagram linking the planets in the galaxy together, Surrounded by stars. The solution to the riddle is unknown, some officials tried to destroy it, but it proved other wise indestructible.

5 . A newly Developed Disintegrator technology has been created. now thanks to a newly build in tracking and heating system, the desintegrator, the effectiveness has been improved. One research found however, that the new computer system is weakened to various type of Electronic Disruption modules. This has yet

to be confirmed by imperial officials.


Social news


6 Last week new regulations for trading companies and ship production facilities were put in place for ships. According to the producers, ships should be sold

fully equipped, however the production plants were failing to fulfill this quota. Some pilots have come forward and protesting they are to received the uninstalled

ship systems they did not receive on pick up of the ship. Officials from the companies blame it on a lack of parts for the sub-systems. Parts Manufacturers are

now calling on pilots to buy only what they need to help lower the waste of parts for said subsystems. In the mean time complaints are being taken and dealt 

with by the individual companies



7 Once Again ETSN Submitted a proposal to expand the premium range of mercenaries involved in armed clashes. representatives from various corporations, well known pilots and even individual unknown pilots received large financial rewards for their work, keeping their gains private as to fear a mob of money hungry pilots

from knocking on their space lock asking for donations.


8 Galactic Mails has began its work in all sectors of the known universe, A sudden Huge wave of criticism from all pilots has been received regarding it. The Leadership of galactic mail is in disarray, as the expected positive effect of the postal service had to out weigh any negative reaction. However the mercenaries and the pilots of all combat experiences demonstrated that its not going to put up with "additional inconveniences , and are spending a lot of time in cramped ship quarters of their ships to avoid the intolerable galactic mail representatives out of fear of doing something “rash”. Seeking to rectify the problem and provide the best of service, Galactic Mail quickly released a survey to make changes to improve their customers view of their corporation.



Weather forecast  In total not the explainable phenomena and paradoxical anomalies disappeared, having left after itself chaos and misunderstanding. According to forecasts of weather forecasters on the next week we aren’t expected by serious changes or accidents. But not time to relax. Don’t forget Honey Is old cares of you


A group of explainable Phenomena and paradoxical anomalies disappeared this week after the display and course of destruction and chaos previously seen last week, According to Weather forecasters  the next week should not contain and serious threats, but urge pilots to be careful. and remind pilots the benefits of the natural healing power of honey.