IIN Issue 16 (28) on 4613.04.17

Urgent News Updates

Recently Tensions between the Majors races have grown, and have become complicated. Each of them see’s the other as a threat for their safety and continuously plans and plots with neighboring factions. Some say a war is coming, however yesterday after a extraordinary top secret meeting in OUF, Officials from FAK. addressed the races and declared “these claims were false”. On a Military Vessel one of the leading military analysts declare that “war was not necessary for anyone” and adding “if the federation go to war, its likely to lead to financial ruin”, He continued by adding the empire does not have the needed technological complexity to posses sufficient power to threaten anyone, and added the “.Jericho have no desire for war as of late”.


Headline News

Yesterday on planets near the edge of the galaxy between in a zone between the Empire and Federation, a strange transport worker going from the Empire to one of the Federal worlds was detained. The transport worker was killed. Found with him were strange modules. After its inspection it appeared that there is a number of devices of an unclear origin.


Yesterday On the outlying planets in the empire-federation neutral zone, a strange transport worker traveling from empire space to a federation colony was detained. The transport worker was killed with him were found strange modules which were installed on his vessel. After its inspection it appear that there was a number of new devices, technologically superior to what has been seen or produced by the military as of late.


Researchers added some notes on the operation of the new technologies and mentioned one of the new systems increased the power of the ships disintegration beam, Another appeared to mimic the empires overdrive, and give his vessel great amounts of speed, the next a energy siphoning beam that stole from life supports power system.


Its still a mastery where he received such technological upgrades.

In the cargo section of the ship many more technologies where found, including super-computer boosters that increase the calculation capacity of a ships computer improving systems such as weapons systems.“These improvements could allow any vessel to disable another quickly" said lead researchers.


III.  During Routine inspections of a transport, A customs officer noticed a strange crate. Upon inspecting the crate he found that it was full of a new unknown rocket systems fully loaded with ammunition. Inspections ceased the crates and found over 200 new rocket systems stocked inside.


Official sources today told us the rearmament of armada forces has begun. A Pair of strange adaptations was delivered to one of their bases.

One of them was a powerful barrier, a subspace technology, capable to absorbing an infinite number of energy. Actions didn’t begin to explain its essence not the principle having referred to that the part of information is difficult scientific terms and concepts the 45th centuries based on achievements, and part the classified information.


Today we heard from reliable sources in the armada that their forces have began a rearming process, Including new and unknown technologies. The First of these seemed to have created a powerful energy shield forward of any vessel preventing damage from weapons fire to it before the dissipation of the energy field. The Second of these newly sighted devices was capable of preventing enemy guidance and targeting systems from locking on to friendly vessels. Military Officials were asked of this technology was similar or identical in operation to the current “white noise targeting jammer”, but no official response was give.

As we were told just, the secret bargain, for the sum of some billion credits, between representatives of Vanguard and unknown persons, allegedly pirates was concluded.

We have just learn a secret agreement for the sum of a few billion credits between the vanguard and an unknown party was concluded. Sources say it was a known pirate faction, but no tangible evidence was provided to prove this allegation.

Sources said the negotiation included the trade of new satellite technology capable of detecting ships, one source even added “Even cloaked vessels with in range can be detected”, a recently killed spy got a look at the technology and commented “ its an impressive piece of work, but it has one major flaw, its power system is limited and so its operational time”.


Sources added many new technologies were traded in the deal. Then commented on some of them

saying “ They also traded new shielding technologies that protect from solar radiation caused by solar flares, as well as a top secret technology known as the Jedi’s Sword. However, sources did not know what this technology did, or what its purpose was. A source later added this technology is an ancient weapon, invented at the begging of the 20th century and was known as the “Spire Fire”.


General News

VI. Just as it became known from confidential archives recently found at pirates at Vanguard, the new rocket which idea was born at research of one of artifacts of Forerunners already is adopted. On delivery in laboratory this artifact in only two hours managed to discharge the generator of huge station and to ship laboratory in a gloom and chaos. Only the miracle helped scientists to be evacuated quickly from the disconnected station in the absence of gravitation and ventilation and life support system. Further researches were conducted on one remote wild and not to a populated planet. Allegedly it I was one of Federation secret laboratories at number 51.


A lead of confidential archives provided evidence the vanguard were visited by a faction rocket. This evidence directly linked the ceasure of the recent 200 creates of rocket systems to the pirates, some 2 weeks earlier. While Analyzing the rockets, scientists tripped a security feature causing a rocket to overload, the result was a gravitational explosion, causing massive damage to the station. A Scientist who barely escaped with their lives added “This is cutting edge technology, we have not seen anything like it yet, but I heard a rumor that something similar was being developed on one of the top secret federation research colonies.


Against all these events the statement of scientists of Vanguard, for the invention of the new device, capable to reject a set of various frequency radiations except the light absolutely strange sounds. Such house-keeper option of the widespread generator of invisibility of Federation “Chameleon”. On assurances, it is slightly worse than everything by efficiency than the invisibility generator, but in production manages twenty times cheaper. On a question: “And in what difference from the mini-version of the Chameleon generator issued on several months before?” To us answered that: “Main it is its increased time of functioning, well and the production price certainly”.

A New stealth technology was recently created, capable of hiding ships from sensors at one of the federation research colonies this month. It was capable of using light particles to prevent radar from detecting it. It was noticed however the technology is inferior to the Chameleon cloak that is widely used by the federation today. Official researchers commented notifying us that the technology was cheaper and had superior longevity to the cloaking device but was inferior in operational capability.


VIII. Pirates have attacked again! The recent move by the anti-piracy committee has made them desperate in acquiring the needed modules to complete construction of their stations, so they went out and stole them. During one of these attacks a number of classified documents where stolen, and used to blackmail key members of the anti-piracy committee into leaving the pirate factions alone. A larger bounty was then offered by the anti-piracy committee for return of the stolen goods, and classified documents.


During the next raid on the next plant of pirates it was found a strange detail. There are pirates at that plant sorted the seized and bought ships and got from them special modules. Moreover at a search of the main office of the station-master documents in which terms and the prices of deliveries of modules to representatives of the Empire of Federation and Jericho were specified were found. Similar opening seriously disturbed community. After all that day is close when secrets will cease to be secrets and “Swift” dispersing to the light speed or “Katana” in a mode to an overload become norm.


During a raid on conducted by pirates on a shipyard on a remote planet, pirates seized plans for ships and technologies. A search of the main office revealed a manifest. From these manifests they learn of top secret technologies located in the shipyard and sized them. These modules, Were later found. Ho

This week a raid was conducted by pirates on a remote planet. While searching the shipyard office pirates seized top secret plans belonging to all races for ships and technologies. The Plans were later recovered by a special forces unit from the military, but some of the information was leaked forcing a remodel of the swift and Katana. Officials had nothing to add.


X. After Survey of a planet a secret research laboratory owned by pirates was mistakenly located. It was later concluded the pirates were playing with a technology that has enormous power and capabilities. These technology was an improvement to the Jericho’s phase shield technology surpassing it with a prototype. It was not long before the empire became interested in this technology at the chance of learning its strengths and weaknesses for their own use. Its uncertain what took place on the seizure of the facility. Some of the survey crew said that Jericho military units seized it, but they were unsure adding “They were dressed in uniforms iv never seen, like some sort of top secret military unit” added the co-pilot.


Social news

Last Week new requirements for trading companies and automatic shops on the sale of ships went into effect. According to Officials from the trading companies, ships are now on sale with new sets of equipment at cheaper rates. The trading companies are contacting retail sellers to prepare for a massive influx of sales in the upcoming months.


UCM is offering higher pay rates to mercenaries to help encourage more mercenaries to work for them. It is said that these pay rates are based on the efficiency of the pilots, to help encourage extcelling at finishing their contracts. These rates extent to members of corporations as well as stand-alone pilots in the universe. Some Pilots already paid added they are extremely happy with the new rates.


XIII. The Mail Galactics company which has begun the work in all sectors of the known Universe, faced unexpectedly huge wave of criticism from pilots. Its management in confusion as the expected positive effect from work of a mail service had to move any negative reactions. However, mercenaries and pilots of all colors show that don’t intend to be reconciled with additional inconveniences, and so carrying out a huge number of time in narrowness of cabins of the ships. Mail Galactics, seeking to show the highest service level, started interviewing on change of rendered services in all offices and at all stations.


Galactic Mail who has recently has begun work in all sectors of the known universe , is facing untold waves of criticism from pilots which came due to an unorganized principle in their delivery system in last months launch of the corporations. Most of the complaints were related to pilots who were stuck in deep space isolation due to long voyages. Galactic mail, Seeking to show the highest level of customer service has started interviewing these pilots on how to improve their delivery system in all stations through the galaxy.


XIV. Fanart from StRRaNNiKK

You can download all of its fifteen works at once one archive here http://rghost.ru/45346602


Weather forecast

In one of the outlaying colonies a unknown ion storm cloud was found approaching from an origin unknown to researchers doing the calculations. Weather forecasters advise not to worry about the ion storm. Some specialization is rising to the origin of the storm, saying that it was created by a new technology to attack citizens of the federation, but officials from all races have made official statements saying “ there will be no war”. Still, Some health officials advise people not to speculate to much as it may cause a decrease in mental stability leading to being placed in an isolation ward.

What’s with horrid quality on most of the fan art? Pixelated ships in nearly all of them, not really that good :l

Atleast turn AA etc on and take the screenshot at full HD if you wanna do stuff like that, no one wants to look at pixelated “art”.


On another note, if this is any indication of the next patch then there might be some hope left, maybe…

Any ETA on the next patch? It’s Thurday already.

On another note, if this is any indication of the next patch then there might be some hope left, maybe…

IIN is usually indication of the next patch :slight_smile: Enjoy decryption

Allow me to attempt to translate:


New Active Modules:


Disintigrator Buff

“Overdrive” Speed Buff

Energy Leech


New CPU Modules:


Primary Weapon Buff


New Weapons:


Unknown Rocket (unguided?) (Vanguard?)


New Federation Armada Tech:


Energy Cocoon Clone

Wideband Squad Jammer


New Federation Vanguard Tech:


Anti-Cloak Sensor

Radiation (Thermal?) Shield

Codename Jedi’s Sword “Spire Fire” - Possible Disintigrator Clone


Gravitation Anomaly Rockets


New Empire Tech:


Jericho Phase Shield Clone


Increased Role Specialization:


Pirates stole the secrets to all the top secret racial modules and now Federation, Empire, and Jericho ship specials will be re-spec’d according to role rather than race.


There is also a suggestion of an inferior version of the Chameleon cloak. Possibly a sensor cloak, rather than visual.


Ship Purchase Changes:


Ship prices are going to be lowered. Possible implication of option to buy ships without Mk.I equipment.


Mission Reward Changes:


Credit income will be increased according to pilot efficiency during a match. Could possibly be that all mission rewards will increase according to pilot efficiency, but that could be a stretch.


Mail System Changes:


Something to do with Corporations and improving the mail system. Not really sure what.



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