Ideas to make open space more interactive, free and immersive (Roleplayers dream)

I have SO many ideas for this game that can turn it from just a simple space PvP / PvE to something god tier. Now i love this game and don’t get me wrong i don’t expect anyone to be on board with any of my ideas because each are like a whole game in and of themselves but I would like the game to be very free for everyone and make it VERY role play and VR friendly…

→ 1) Let us dock and undock our ships from the space stations so we can fly out ourselves like in the movies and give us just that little bit more sense of control over our ‘story’ in the game. We would be able to see other people docking and undocking as well (we would have to follow a road path kind of system so we don’t fly into each other) OR we can at leased fly into a lane with then moves us automatically in a nice first person cut scene where our pilots crack their knuckles or something)

→ 2) First person! Let us be able to switch in between First and third person when we fly and collect stuff so we can get more of a realistic and sense of actually being there (Since humans arnt going to space anytime soon this could be a very good way to visualize it), and make us feel like were not just playing a game. (And you could make a killing off of VR)

→ 3) More free way to travel! Have a option to jump to solar systems and planets or let us fly slowly across space in a slow and free path to our destination with the option to jump at any time

→ 4) Its a bit of a stretch but make worlds where we could actually enter the atmosphere and collect resources and pick up quests (A good idea would be like cargo transport where we can transport cargo from one planet to other destinations like other planets). We could also visit the cities and dock at landing pads to pick up the quests in person (leave the ship), not just go to a menu and click a button, make it immersive!

→ 5) Bases? and player interaction: Now this is the last thing I would expect from this game and to be honest it would be impossible to make probably but maybe let us walk around the stations and cities and interact with players like ‘VR chat’ in a way, have like bars for the pilots to go talk to people about their missions and for them to recruit others to their crews, and have player bases / apartments that they can rent so you can put items in there or log off (this is mainly just for role playing and immersion and not for any real use)

I can keep expanding this but it would be cool to hear other peoples suggestions or feedback as to my crazy and probably very delusional ideas. And on the off chance that a developer sees this and has some say in updates and world design, i would love to hear what you have to say to my ideas and if they could be added or not. <3 

My discord is Zynex#2387


Looking at what has been done in the past etc I’d say


1.) This could be partially implemented by making the docking area look like the hangar, you can enter through the force field and press C to dock when in an area above one of the “platforms”. It would be more immersive than arriving at the current dock with a hangar entrance that look way too small.


2.) Would require cockpit graphics, and with the number of ships available would be a lot of work to make different ones for each ship model. “Expert” control mode is as close as we have now. Also, combat ability in this mode would be bad with the way the game works at the moment.


3.) Would require an overhaul to implement correctly. They could possibly improve the sector warp mechanics as currently you select from the map and then your ship stops, has to wait 2x for stuff to load etc.


4.) Again would require an overhaul for any first person/out of ship stuff. They could potentially make some more immersive “base” sectors where buildings and landing pads are more interactive/proper sizing.

Gravity on planet surface stuff would be an interesting thing to have to figure out and ships currently have too much speed/arcade like movement to properly integrate with such cities imo, at least in the way we see in movies. It only takes a small afterburner boost to crash into stuff lol


5.) This game used to support VR, albeit in 3rd person view like you see currently.


It would be great if they can improve on the OS part a bit more, though it seems a lot of people just go to do their mission and return to hangar via menu ;p


A suggestion re: mining asteroids, I’d like to see a patch on a large asteroid that can be mined rather than just a small, unrammable rock. Imo any small, unmovable objects break the immersion of the game. They can clearly have moveable objects as seen in solaris wastelands, ores, etc, so I’d personally like if more objects could be pushed around, and they can “respawn” back to original position after a time if nothing touches it to save it from being at the edge of the map for eternity.


I’d also like to see a warp animation like shows in PvE when units are about to warp in, saves you from instantly having 4 instantly appear enemies in your face at times ;p