ICE STORM Tournament



Technical level: 13-17 rank

Format: 6 vs 6

Game mode: “Capture the Beacons”

Maps: All maps with “Capture the Beacons” mode

Tournament date: 04.01.2019-05.01.2019, 20:30 (UTC +3)




  1. Registration will be opened on 27.11.2018 and will continue through 21.12.2018. The draw will be held on 22.12.2018, at 22-00 (UTC+3)

  2. Number of teams is not limited. Each team consists from 6 players and 4 reserve players.

  3. Tournament will be held in two stages: Group Stage and Play-Off.

  4. Friendly fire (team damage) is enabled.

  5. Number of ships in slots of each player — from 1 to 4 ships.

  6. There can be uneven number of teams in groups.

  7. n group stage each team fights each team twice with change of respawn side.

  8. For each victory team gain — 3 points, for draw — 1 point, for lose — 0 points.

  9. If number of teams will allow it, tournament will be ended after first week.

  10. If in group two or more teams gain same amount of points, they will play additional round to occupy higher place.

  11. Team that took first place in group will fight another team that have taken second place in another group.

  12. Play-off will go on until any of the teams has 2 wins. Draws are not counted.

  13. Finals, semi-finals and match for third place will be played until three wins (if there are three draws, then fights will continue until first victory, or victory will be gained by team that have most wins to this moment).

  14. Team which failed to enter lobby in 10 minutes after being called, or team that is not present on the tournament at all — gets technical defeat.

  15. For “contracted” battle (“loss on purpose”, “pre-arranged battle” etc.) both teams will be banned from tournament no matter the stage of it.

  16. If team member is disconnected from the game - team must continue the battle, except for situation from next point of rules.

  17. If member of a team is not present within 1 minute from match start (disconnected from game, failed to enter the match) - team can request to restart battle or to replace player using reserve members.

  18. Replacing/Adding players after end of registration is forbidden.

  19. Server location is determined by administration. Administration will try to make equal conditions for both teams.

  20. For incorrect behavior of individual players of teams, namely: incorrect behavior in address of another team, spectators, streamers or commentators of tournament; unsportsmanlike conduct — player will receive warning. For repeatable violation — player will be disqualified, will lose all rewards and team will continue playing with less people to the end of tournament.

  21. Teams and players who have deserted (disqualified) from tournaments/events, after being registered and respective registration have ended, and also players which was banned by administration of game for violating rules are allowed to take part in this tournament only by tournament administration decision.

  22. Attempts to sabotage the tournament will lead to immediate disqualification.

  23. It is forbidden to change in-game nickname after registration.

  24. Administration decisions in any disputable/questionable situation are final.

  25. All other rules are stated in the general rules of cyber activities. In any questionable situation tournament rules have top priority





Each participant of tournament will receive unique “Ice Storm” sticker.

All players in play-off stage will get 50 xenocrystalls and 50 monocrystals.



I place*:

Unique weapon: Champion’s Laser

Unique active module: Champions Energy Converter

8.000 Galactic Standarts

Unique colouring preset: Nebula

90 days of premium licence

II place*:

Unique coloring preset: Lava

Unique weapon: Turbophaser

5.000 Galactic Standarts

60 days of premium licence


III place*:

Colouring preset “Invasion”

Unique weapon: Positron Destructor

3.000 Galactic Standarts

30 days of premium licence


Traditionally, symbolical team will be chosen.

Each player who is chosen as member of symbolical team will receive:


200 xenocrystalls and 200 monocrystals



Also, opening team will be chosen.

Each player of this team will receive:


100 xenocrystalls and 100 monocrystals





  • *     Each member of the team will receive rewars

  • **   Symbollical team can be composed with players from different teams

  • *** List of rewards can be expanded


  • Administration of tournament:



Oh! It’s another one of these, if we’ll go at it again this time I will record and make a special video about it, my treat!

not mentioned: each team gets 4 reserves on top of the 6 players

50 minutes ago, Cr0 said:

not mentioned: each team gets 4 reserves on top of the 6 players

Added to the main post.



"I place" ** Nebula:**



"II place" ** Lava:**



"III place" ** (Invasion):**


Wait, Lava is just red Invasion, and what about that converter, does it have different stats or does it only look different?

18 minutes ago, xXThunderFlameXx said:

Wait, Lava is just red Invasion, and what about that converter, does it have different stats or does it only look different?

It would have same stats as normal converter. At this point we can confirm that it will have unique name, but it’s not known yet if there will be different effects. 

We are currently looking for someone to stream the tournament for English-speaking audience.

If you are interested, please PM me.

Well this would be the first tournament i think I’ve tried out so if anyone has room for a first time tournament player hmu ^_^

Time of the tournament was changed to 20:30** (UTC +3)**

Date stays the same as it was.

how do i register?


38 minutes ago, Webmaster_2001 said:

how do i register?


You need to get a team of at least 6 players and then create a post in the Ru Forum

Registration is over

Pilgrim’s unique active module “Camouflage Shroud” was voted by the majority of teams to be banned from the tournament.

It blocks anyone from capturing a beacon for 15s, so it’s a bit too much in “Beacon Capture” gamemode.



Match table:


Until 31.12.2018 (23:59 UTC+3)  teams are allowed to change\add players, if needed. 

Player “AbADDoN” from team “Олды жгут” is disqualified from the tournament for breaking rules #20-23 on multiple occasions (insults, trying to sabotage the tournament).





Tournament stages

Stream match record of the semi-final (in Russian)

Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher (Conflictwin) vs DEATHWING (Gladiator) (start at 41:00)



Stream tournament finals (in Russian)


19:00msk - match for third place - Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher (Conflictwin) vs Katarsis (VectorArmad)

20:00msk - final match - DEATHWING (Gladiator) vs Олды жгут (SilenTSparrow)



We would like to congratulate winners with their hard fought victory!
Thanks to everyone who participated and watched the tournament!