i wonder if there's a cap for how many characters i can put in here... do i really need a title? i mean c'mon, what do you think i'm posting here for... how pickles are the best projectile weapons? really? oh! turns out there is a limit and i've reac

As the title fails to mention, I’m looking for a corporation. Preferably an American one, but I am also capable of terribly butchering the Japanese language, as well as write pig latin. eesay? uentflay igpay atinlay. I’m a pretty mediocre pilot; I’d mention that I flew for RadiX, but I suspect that would do more harm than good. I quit for about two years but I have returned to this lovely poopfest of a game.

This is a link to a picture: http://imgur.com/a/ZH6xX

It is up to you to determine it’s relevance.

Some cool things that you probably don’t know or care about: My favorite color is red, but I usually wear blue or grey clothing. Currently, there is a cup to my left filled with exactly 5 quarters and 3 nickels. I sometimes wear glasses. I like to write stories. I think the mountain chicken is a hilariously named animal (look it up). For the first year of this game I played with a trackpad.



Why not return to Radix? Many american corps are deado r have been russianised, so Radix is quite a good choice now.

48 minutes ago, theNoob said:

Why not return to Radix? Many american corps are deado r have been russianised, so Radix is quite a good choice now.

Radix still exists? I’ve not seen any of them recently. And as for “russianising”, the only American corp that has been partially russianised is NASA. All the others just died or are in sleep mode.

If you’re looking for an American based corporation, I recommend you join either NASA or FDEF, considering those are the only two corporations that have any form of standing power or presence behind them.

I’d suggest to join perhaps  BEAST, they have english speaking base, mostly american, full of average to good players.

Try DSX. Good corp and rarely see any other language being spoken and when it is someone says to speak English lol ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

BEAST and DSX both have some good spirit behind them too. Behemoth, BORG and a couple others out there may be worth your time.

I can vouch for DSX, I know some cool guys there. BEAST is also pretty chill. All I know about behemoth is that wolfkhan is CEO and his builds are notoriously re-tarded. Never heard of or talked to BORG.