I want the old PVE back how it used to be

I do not see the point any more on wasting my money on the game they take away the mode I liked playing how it was and they should have left it how it was so I will no longer spend any money on the game.

the new system is actually better. All players que for one map in the specified tiers. In the old system, some maps were just not flown or you had to wait eternity to get a match on them.
Sure, you have problems with pugs, that try to do pve in ships like ceptor, but you had those before the change too.

You dont get to pick what you want to play any more.

not with pugs, that is correct. squad up with corp mates and create custom games with regular rules (you get rewards then) and then you can pick the missions.

For Pugs, the new system is better in my oppinion. Squads can still create games.

i like both systems: new one and the old one.

with old one i could play mission i like. with new one i find squad for ALL missions. :fed001:

I am actually starting to like it, but go with a squad of 2-3, if not 4 people, at least to ensure you don’t get screwed.


Dev +1