I think I made a guy Rage Quit

Uh, yeah everyone knows me as “that guy that will only fly interceptors”. You see when I see a target in my covert ops, I drop in all stealth like and run away like a little xxxxx, as covert ops are intended to do.


But I found something that will RUIN anyone with a jerico frigate or a sniper frigate. 


I can kill you in about 5 seconds. Me, with my little inty can kill you in 5 seconds. How?


Plasma arc + plasma web + Orion Targeting + Weapons + Both rocket slots = about 50k Damage within a 5 seconds period. 


I killed a guy 3 times in a row in the same frigate that he raged quit. 


So mental note to all pilots, If you fly any ship in which I can cloak next to you and unload my full fury, thats your fault.


Its hilarious to me that I died laughing on TS that my corp thought I was having a sezuire from sweet roll overdose again…

mmm… good for you

Come fly with me so we can revile in the sheer awesomeness that we excert. 

This happens sometimes… With cheating blaming in global chat ofcourse… I have a bunch of funny screenshots and advice you to do the same :wink:

“so good, you swear im hacking” thats my motto, I try to live by it. 

So… Have you thought about making a guide on how to truly kick butts in a covops inty, similar to that gunship guide?


(Ulterior motive fro my side for endorsing a guide: People read the guide -> More covops inties of that type are played -> More recon inties, ecms, guard frigs are used to counter it -> Less covops intie dominance -> Profit)

I can make a detailed guide. 


I have played inty from the VERY beginning and I know how to outfit a xxxx and maneuver it to the point that it makes some people cry when they try to aim at me…