I need a corp, a MATURE corp.

Yeah, lots of you know me, most of you hate me. Anyway EVO kicked me today, here is what happened. Uhmari was trying to install another game, he couldnt get it to work so I decided to do my usual trolling and started asking him stupid questions, like if he made sure he downloaded it right. Anyway he kicked me right away, so if you think EVO is xxxx you were right! 


Now poor me is clanless :frowning:


What I am looking for in clans:




-Tolerates sarcasm and humor

-Skilled players


What I offer as a player:

-Been playing SC since closed beta

-T3/T4 pilot

-I have skill(at least thats what I tell myself)

-Been an officer in EVO till I went inactive. I know how they are first on the leader boards and how they hold that position. I can share my knowledge and if I like the corp some of EVOs secrets as well. 



May I suggest NASA…

[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/18684-nasa/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18684-nasa/)

Sign up in their recruiting forums post

And please don’t be a spy xD

May I suggest PULSAR the number 1 corp in PvP and PVE ratings… and the most active corp in the game, come cheak out our forum and apply

If you want a mature corporation why don’t you stop playing videogames and go get a job at a bank?
You sure won’t find one in here :stuck_out_tongue:

better point, why doesnt he stop acting immature.


notice he mentioned he was trolling? This is why he was kicked, he logs in to be immature, to throw little fits like this etc.

all for nothing, tbh.

Uhmari what happened to your sense of humor. Oh wait your clan is barely active maybe that’s why you’re so grumpy.

Yes, 100+ members who all log daily is not active right?

They log just so you dont kick them for inactivity. Everyone is off playing minecraft or eve or defiance or warframe or arctic combat or bsgo or terraria or SOAS



Btw, i promise to fulfill your sexual favors, just ask uhmari. 

actually they probably log for the daily reward.

actually they probably log for the daily reward.

It’s one of the most confusing and effective ways to force somebody to do something, I can’t excape from it myself! >_<




Also: Did I hear something about sexual favours there?


Why would anyone want to join EVO to begin with rofl

The corp drama in this dinky little nothing game is so cute.