I.N.N. Isue XI (71) on 4614.05.07


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I. The Empire is preparing to hold a ceremonial victory  parade. The parade corridor near the main imperial station at the Earth’s orbit will be passed by a few thousands of ships belonging to different ages. They will show the Empire’s power - from the very beginning to cutting-edge technologies. They say that the Emperor himself will take part in the festive. He will open it on his personal unique ship.
II. As our reliable sources say, a high brass consilium has been called after studying the annual report on imperial ship exploitation by military and mercenaries. As a result, the Emperor decided that light distant support ships need an urgent defence characteristics upgrade. After long discussions scientists received a task to resolve this issue. A decision was made about a special device to be developed for this.
First combat tests have been conducted just before the holidays. The Emperor, who was personally present at the test site, seemed to be satisfied and ordered his personal ship to be equipped with the newly created device in the nearest future. It is also known that the Emperor declared the device a breakthrough in imperial science, and that its free commercial distribution is forbidden.
To crown it all, the device nicked as “crash-boom-bang” and known also as “Object 4000”, has been sent to manufacturing facility for debuggung. The reasons for this are unknown.




III. There are still some wings!


Wings rating has finally changed a bit after a month of stalemate. An active wing of Black Lotus [LOTUS] joined the battles and also helped SCORPIONS [sCORP] to get to the 3rd position.


1 (0). The DNO Inc [DNO] – 1053 (+4)
2 (0). Evil Space Bears [ESB] – 1045 (0)
3 (+7). SCORPIONS [sCORP] – 1014 (+29)
4 (-1). SIRIUS [sRS] – 1012 (+6)
5 (-1). ParadoX [PDX] – 1005 (0)
6 (-1). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr] – 1000 (0)
8 (-1). Star Storm [sTORM] – 994 (0)
9 (-1). Syndicate [sYN] – 991
10 (-1). Nobody can hide – 990 (0)
11 (new). Black Lotus [LOTUS] – 961
12 (-1). SIRIUS II [sR2] – 937 (0)


IV. The Fall of The DNO


In the Top 10  of influence rating, as it has been predicted, SIRIUS [sRS] has pushed The DNO Inc [DNO] from the 2nd position. Moreover, SCORPIONS [sCORP] also took the advantage and pushed them from the 3rd place as well. So for now The DNO is out of the Top 3. What are they going to undertake and how this may change the situation - check our next issue for the answers.


1 (0). Nova Corporation [Nova] – 21033 (+4502)
2 (+1). SIRIUS [sRS] – 16036 (+3036)
3 (+1). SCORPIONS [sCORP] – 15006 (+3177)
2 (-2).The DNO Inc [DNO] –  14889 (+1593)
5 (0). Evil Space Bears [ESB] – 8992 (+1550)
6 (0). Syndicate [sYN] – 8047 (+1618)
7 (0). CCCP [CCCP] – 7847 (+1780)
8 (0). Black Hawks [HawK] – 6890 (+930)
9 (+1). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr] – 6784 (+1708)
10 (new). Southern Lights [sL] – 6481


V. And, of course, PvP and PvE ratings. No comments.


PvP Top 10
1 (0). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr]
2 (0). Jolly Roger [ROGER]
3 (+2). Southern Lights [sL]
4 (new). I F I [iFI]
6 (+1). AUT [AUT]
7 (-3). Clan Reckoning [RECK]
8 (-2). Stellar Marines [steel]
9 (0). ACC A WAR [ACC]
10 (-2). CCCP [CCCP]
PvE Top 10
1 (0). Jolly Roger [ROGER]
2 (0). VIP [VIP]
3 (0). Rage [R4ge]
6 (0). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr]
7 (new). Zgrany Team Z [Zet]
8 (0). ACC A WAR [ACC]
9 (-2). kosmanavt [kos]
10 (new). I F I [iFI]


That’s all with sports news. The section was prepared by SeraX.





VI. The situation has changed again. The enthusiasm of federates has faded as quickly as it raised last week. After successful capture of a few sectors the Federation is forced to retreat again. Jericho families after a quick regroup has commenced a counterattack, taking the sectors back from federates. The Empire also continues to press the feds on the flank, also taking sectors, but not so fast as before. The experts consider this to be caused by support that is needed by main forces on Jericho front. The thing is that the Empire has taken an interesting strategical step. While one part of the army (consisting mainly of supporting forces) holds the Jericho forces, the other performs a flank strike cutting off the supply route. It has been a partial success though. Of course, Jericho failed to stop the imperial fist. but supporting imperial forces couldn’t hold Jericho onslaught. This resulted in sectors exchange, still more profitable for the Empire.

For now numbers of sectors controlled by the Empire and Jericho are equal. But the Federation has lost even more of its influence. Still the resources allocated for the sectors now are given out to the mercs as bonuses, which is meant to make them more active.




VII. The situation remains tense. The plasma cloud, as the synoptics warned, is still hanging in the sectors. The citizens cannot do anything but wait.  StarMed advises to spend the time wisely - for example, order a new insurance over space-net.   StarMed  - you’ll have a long memory of us.



The issue was prepared by:

MoonLight, LexxVIII, SeraX

I love reading these :slight_smile: thanks very much and keep up the good work!


Also stupid question but what is StarMed?

The developers said there will be something big on the 9th, not sure how anything here factors in. Looking forward to the next update. Possibly the new game mode?

…New module ahoy? Possible new ship? Empire ship sale? Nah, that wouldn’t be fair.


Also stupid question but what is StarMed?


Think of it as an in-universe medical org inextricably linked to mainstream media, which actually cares more about its pockets than its patients (though their tech seems fairly reliable).

The developers said there will be something big on the 9th, not sure how anything here factors in. Looking forward to the next update. Possibly the new game mode?

Maybe that is the Russian tournament? or they have some holiday weapons…

or this: [http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/23141-victory-day-in-star-conflict/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23141-victory-day-in-star-conflict/)