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I. Holidays have come to inhabited sectors. This is the time for everyone to enter the space and start reeling your ships. The holiday dates back to ancient days, though no one remembers exactly when it all started. The UFO leaders, corporations’ CEOs owners of small companies have left to spend the rest days at the most beautiful places of the galaxy, mainly Earth.




II.  FastCup

Registration has been announced for the first blitz-tournament, which will take place on the 2nd weekend of May. As UFO officials state, the event will be divided into different weight categories so that even inexperienced teams could try to fight their way to victory, though their prize is also supposed to be less valuable. This will happen if overall number of applicants allows to carry out 2+ more or less similar size tournaments simultaneously.   


III.  Dangerous Mercenaries Team

9 mercenaries (Agent008 [sKY], Zworg [8BIT], SEM74 [RDS], sephirothsk [WPK], Yorl [JOK], KOHBEPT [sTORM], Recoil [NASA], Snow74Leopard [ESB] and FunkyDonut [WPK]) own all the ships available at stores. It seems each of these 9 is looking forward for a new ship to become available to purchase it at once and test it in a battle.


IV.  Evil Bear

Permanent leader of overall damage dealt rate TOP-10 (since the very beginning of such rate’s existance) is  Maximum997   of ESB. The second position is occupied by NERW [iT4LY] who has about 40 mln points less. The whole TOP-10 list is below. 

1. Maximum997 - 1238990239 ед**. **** урона**
2. NERW - 1198509873
3. Freesamurai - 1172839855   
4. Djoylok - 1109646111           
5. Yar - 1068196538     
6. radyogh - 1060028312            
7. Sash - 1055147396   
8. USIK - 1029166915                   
9. valkir - 1025567625  
10. Ben4ik - 1024939629


V.  Sector Conquerors

TOP-10 of influence rating has remained mostly unchanged through last 2 weeks. Clear sky [sKY] made it to the 10th place, and SIRIUS [sRS] is presumably to overcome  The DNO Inc if the latter continues to lose its positions in the sector conquest.

1 (0). Nova Corporation [Nova] – 16531 (+6811)

2 (0).The DNO Inc [DNO] – 13296 (+4036)

3 (0). SIRIUS [sRS] – 13000 (+4398)

4 (0). SCORPIONS [sCORP] – 11829 (+5557)

5 (0). Evil Space Bears [ESB] – 7442 (+2348)

6 (0). Syndicate [sYN] – 6429 (+3150)

7 (0). CCCP [CCCP] – 6067 (+2970)

8 (0). Black Hawks [HawK] – 5960 (+3092)

9 (+1). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr] – 5076 (+2589)

10 (new). Clear sky [sKY] – 4817


VI. And, finally, some more corp ratings , no comments:

Скрытый текст

PvP ТО** P- **10

1 (0). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr]

2 (+7). Jolly Roger [ROGER]


4 (-1). Clan Reckoning [RECK]

5 (-1). Southern Lights [sL]

6 (-4). Stellar Marines [steel]

7 (0). AUT [AUT]

8 (-2). CCCP [CCCP]

9 (new). ACC A WAR [ACC]

10 (-2). Russ [Russ]


PvE TOP 10

1 (+3). Jolly Roger [ROGER]

2 (+1). VIP [VIP]

3 (-2). Rage [R4ge]



6 (+4). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr]

7 (-2). kosmanavt [kos]

8 (0). ACC A WAR [ACC]

9 (new). OWL [Tito]

10 (-3). CCCP [CCCP]


That’s all with sports news, the section was prepared by SeraX.




VII. During this week the situation in the sector has changed totally. The Federation finally sighned a cease-fire with the Empire and pushed Jericho away from its frontier. The holiday gift for federates is a couple of worlds, freed from Jericho oppression. At the same time the Empire also performed its favourite “single fist strike” on its part of Jericho border. As a result, Families failed to resist the unified power of its rivals and started to lose sector by sector.


After a number of successful attacks the Federation suddenly moved forces to the imperial border and took a nice part of territories from the Empire. The experts are now waiting for the Empire to act, as the ball is now on its side of the field.

 Generally, despite all the efforts, the situation remains more or less unchanged. Jericho controls most of the Precursors sector, The Empire’s positions are a bit weaker, and the Federation is left far behind.




VIII. Overall situation remains pretty negative. The plasma cloud moves through inhabited sectors, making citizens lock themselves at homes. Rescue teams are forced to move out, and any flights in the zone are extremely dangerous. The forecast is disappointing - current situation will last for a few weeks more.

 Those who has to fly to deep space are offered our new section, StarMed’s Horoscope.   StarMed  - you’ll have a long memory of us.





Recon. This week you’ll often suddenly meet asteroids in your way. The stars advise you to choose your warp trajectory carefully, otherwise you can turn into a piece of scrap metal



Covert ops**.** The week is going to be hard, you’ll often get accused of leaving the enemy captain alive or not taking a beacon from the rivals, but  keep your eye on the ball - at the end of the week you’ll be able to turn the tide to your team’s favour.



ECM. This week you’ll be invincible for your foes, just keep an eye on your shield and hull and don’t forget that greed can be fatal.



Gunships**.  **A funny week to come. You’ll get totally blessed if you become a captain. If so, the stars advise you to stick to your engis - it’s a certain way to earn a “Maniac” medal.



Tacklers**. **The stars warn you - don’t leave your captain alone, he may need your help. In standard battles keep a low profile and try to leave dangerous zones as fast as you can.



Command fighters**. **Don’t try to shoot as many enemies as you can - this may be fatal for you. Better hide behind a nearby asteroid and shoot lone ships passing by, your team will do the rest.



Imperial LRFs. The stars advise to equip “Tachion charge” and “Scattering field”, as battles may be crowded with interceptors which will shoot your teammates, capture beacons and get away with it. But you’ll succeed to turn the odds to your favour if you make everything possible to take a victory.


And you, guided torpedo fans , are lucky this week. Make yourself comfortable behind an asteroid and attack beacons and ships to your pleasure. Most of the enemies won’t be able to shoot you down or even approach you, but don’t even try to move to an open space - enemy disintegrators are vigilant.



Engineers**. **The stars advise you to check your modules and upgrade many of them to mk.4. Everyone wants your blood, even asteroids. Try not to fly alone.



Guards**. **The week will be horrible for you. The team will be hell and gone, you’ll constantly get shot, and your high survivability will make your death long and painful. If you want this week to be successful, try to stick to your team at all cost.




The issue was prepared by:

MoonLight   LexxVIII   SeraX   Disly

Blitz Tournaments were not anounced for english population, jardly ano one even aware of such events and plans :frowning:

Blitz Tournaments were not anounced for english population, jardly ano one even aware of such events and plans :frowning:

Currently this tournament is only available for russian players and for the english players we have the underground tournament.

I was happy for second that I’m near TOP 10 DMG  4mxELnO.jpg

But then I checked Maximum profile… and he have over 2 000 000 000 so I’m (if lucky) in TOP 100


*note to self* Have to  :bomber:  MORE!

why should guards be scared exactly?

why should guards be scared exactly?

Because of … ME !

Blitz Tournaments were not anounced for english population, jardly ano one even aware of such events and plans :frowning:


That’s what we do - make you aware.  :01212:

No wonder I couldn’t find a fastcup topic here.


Anyway, you can still form a team and register, it doesn’t matter whether your team is Russian or English speaking.

This tournament will be, let’s say, a pilot event, and generally these fastcups are planned to be held on a regular basis. You may just as well wait a bit, because the first pancake is often a blob.  :00666:

Further tournaments may also get an automated registration process, so for now you certainly don’t lose anything, I think)

May I ask why several of the pictured ships don’t match the stated roles?

May I ask why several of the pictured ships don’t match the stated roles?

Those are the graphics from the in-game help screens. They’ve always been trolling with those each race have every role theme. :wink: