I.N.N. Issue XVII (78) on 4614.07.09


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I. Having reviewed military budget records, the Council of Federation has approved the austerity measures. Gunships using overdrive module tend to wear out too quickly. Ultimate systems load make them degrade quickly, which means more maintenance expenses. As a result, overdrive systems will be tweaked to operate with less energy consumption. This will extend ships’ lifetime significantly due to less degradation of energy conduits. Also this will allow overdrive mode to be used more often.

Experts consider that the Empire will approve the same measures, as its finances are far from perfect as well.


II. One more point of financial reorganization plan is “Chameleon” module. It uses a cascade of capacitors in its operation, which allow the ship to stay invisible for quite a long time. But when the pilot forces the cloak to fall down, the remaining energy is usually wasted. This has been recognized as irrational, and the capacitors cascade will be connected to cannon systems. From now on spare energy will be used to enhance cannon systems instead of just being wasted.


III. Families are also following the austerity trends. After Heads of Families conference the Techs have received a task to reduce energy consumptions. The first victim of this decision is mass cannon systems booster, also known as “Valkyrie” module. Though its complete redesign in the shortest time possible is hardly to happen, it’s been decided to reduce energy consumption of booster conduits. This extra energy will be redirected to the cannon systems, boosting the ship’s own guns.


IV. Trying to compensate bad luck of their brothers working with “Valkyrie”, the Techs of the 2nd group have shown more enthusiasm working on their project. After a couple of days of constant tests they succeeded to reduce energy losses while switching guard frigates’ shields. They managed to recuperate some waste energy after every switch, which reduces energy losses while changing the shield’s phase frequencies.


V. The 3rd successful project is the one of Mu Family known for development and modifications of guided torpedoes. After analyzing these devices it became clear that they contain more blasting agent than it is needed for successful combat operation. Its quantity may be decreased without efficiency losses, except for a bit decreased explosion radius. The thing is that this will free some space inside the torpedo, which may be occupied by additional maneuvering engines, as Jericho families never bear empty spaces inside devices and modules.


VI. Diffuse shield operation modifications became the main cornerstone of numerous arguments, quarrelling, dudgeoning and even threats. Finally it has been decided to approve the 1st modification offered.

The main thing is that this is the only project which is not profitable economically. Modifications of energy transmission contours based on Precursors artifacts, are very expensive and consume too much, though they are as well the most effective. The problem is that artifact-based systems are only compatible with modern ships.

The decision was made about boosting the shield, but it will be applied only to modern models of ships.


VII. As we got informed, the Empire is ready to ship its new model of pulse lasers. They got calibration system upgraded with artifact-based components. New lasers will be less vulnerable to jolting during active maneuvering, which makes them more accurate.




VIII.  Junior fastcup


Week 1. 05.07.4614

The 1st fastcup for corp players with Elo rate less than 1500 has taken place on Saturday. 8 corporations took part: AUT, RDS, STORM, OTr, NIKA, СССР, X3, BLAD. Battles were T3 6 on 6 format.



1. X3

2. AUT

3. OTr


Video of the whole event



IX.  Pilot ratings


For the time present only 4 pilots - zt4 [Tito], Verno1962 [R4ge], BLADE1964 [R4ge], ||HawX|| [CORP] - could reach +3 status in police reports. Such self-sacrificing pilots make the space more secure for free flights.


Maximum karma Top-10

  1. zt4 [Tito] (+3)
  2. Verno1962 [R4ge] (+3)
  3. BLADE1964 [R4ge] (+3)
  4. ||HawX|| [CORP] (+3)
  5. Kartred [OBJ] (+2)
  6. KTOTYT (+2)
  7. XxxxxX [CCCP] (+2)
  8. McMillan [OKK] (+2)
  9. CerberusS [sRS] (+2)
  10. SEM74 [CCCP] (+2)

Total PvP efficiency Top-3

  1. Takamina [WPK]
  2. General [DNO]
  3. Summit [WPK]

Total PvE efficiency Top-3

  1. HotShot [TUF]
  2. Lich932 [ML]
  3. Andi1959 [R4ge]


X.  Corp   ratings


As 2 weeks ago, USSR [CCCP] is the leader in Precursors sector conquest. Special operations table is lead by Rage [R4ge] - probably because of 2 pilots of this corporation which have +3 in  their karma (see above).


Total influence points Top-3

  1. Nova Corporation [Nova]
  2. SIRIUS [sRS]

Total PvP efficiency Top-3

  1. CCCP [CCCP]
  2. I F I [iFI]
  3. Nika [NIKA]

Total PvE efficiency Top-3

  1. Rage [R4ge]
  2. CCCP [CCCP]
  3. VIP [VIP]


All ratings and reviews by  S** & **P. _ Stars & Pilots  -  ratings which are clear even to your grandma_.






XI. Two weeks passed in attempts of Jericho to contain the imperial onslaught. Sometimes Families succeeded, but in general they have lost some of their sectors together with tactical advantage.




Still, Jericho gathered enough forces to perform a strike on the feds trying to cut them off from the Empire. For now this attack seems successful, unless the Empire decides to send some help there, stopping its assault campaign in the northern sectors.




Anomaly clouds are gathering in Precursors sector. It is still clear and sunny, but the clouds are moving constantly and steadily. Still, no major disasters anticipated.  StarMed advises everyone to visit one of its offices - you can always get some help there, even on trust.  StarMed  - you’ll have a long memory of us.



The issue was prepared by:

MoonLight   LexxVIII   SeraX   Disly



My predictions for next patch:


  1. some sort of gunship overdrive rebalance, sounds like a buff.

  2. sounds like tacklers will get a damage boost when leaving chameleon, a much needed buff to the tackler class.

  3. valkyrie module buff, probably less energy/more damage

  4. less energy cost on switching guard shields

  5. guided torpedo rebalance, explosion radius nerf, possiblly a manruverability buff to jericho LRFs

  6. ?

  7. pulse laser buff, perhaps they will gain perfect accuracy like other beam weapons.

So, I’m reading faster cooldown but lower energy regen for overdrive, tacklers getting a first strike bonus on decloak, valkyrie taking less energy, phase shield taking less energy, guided torps having less firepower but more manuvering speed, diffusion shield being more efficient at higher tiers, and pulse lasers having less spread.


Sounds like a good attempt at making Jericho worthwhile, but then buffing gunships? Okay.


Edit: Oh, didn’t see you there. Well, I guess I can be redundant.