I.N.N. Issue XIX (80) on 4614.07.23


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I. Active scanners case trial continues. It bears reminding that they’ve been sold freely some time ago. But, as it came out, one depot director, employed by the company producing these modules, sold a huge batch to pirates, who started actually to sell them to mercenaries. one of the pilots grew suspicious on this - he got struck by the price. Moreover, the salesmen refused to accept credits. Later the antipiracy committee concluded its inspection and declared the sales to be illegal. All the modules have been confiscated from stores.

Official sales from original manufacturer are about to commence in the nearest future. But, as one dealer said when he saw the price, “I’m not quite sure who’s the pirate after all”.


II. A strange energy emission has been registered in the backwoods of Precursors sector. it happened almost the same time when first messages about biomorphs came out. But biomorphs didn’t show up in that part of the sector. Later one fed company sent an expedition to that subsector, where a huge Precursors construction has been found, looking very similar to a generator of some kind. Some parts of it were operational, new and new elements switched on from time to time. The generator was waking up from its slumber. The Federation has already claimed its rights to control this location, still neither the Empire, nor the Families recognized these claims as justified. This being said, the UMC is getting more and more claims on this location.


III. To encourage the mercenaries who risk their lives defending the factions’ interests, the Federation introduced a system of rewards. Each time a mercenary gets a new rank, he will receive a certificate and a small prize. Also the pilot will be informed about new opportunities and of career ladder.




IV. Jericho gang “Metal Cry” continues to break into UMC systems. This week they succeeded to covertly connect to contracts processing interface using a vulnerability left by recent lift of restrictions on number of contracts and managed to retransfer rewards meant for mercs to accounts of their own members. The UMC assures it will soon fix the problem, and for now they advise not to sign many difficult contracts at once.





V. Mere joke of two young physicists has turned into a major scandal. To check their theory and publish it in their future diploma work two students decided to change data in a mercenary’s contract. The changed contract offered to win two battles in one battle. Strange thing, most pilots didn’t pay any attention to this and try to complete the task despite this clear controversy.

The two students received a real rap for breaking into the UMC systems, data manipulation and human experimentation. Their work called “Mission impossible” will have to wait for its authors for another couple of years while they take their time at imperial uranium mines.





VI.  Upcoming   Events

1. Saturday 26.07.4614  at 18.00 Moscow time the final blitz-tournament for amateur corps, “Place Under the Sun: Resolution”, will take place.


Map: Ice riff.
Combat type: Control.
Tech. level: Т3
Number of players: 8, + 2 reserve.
Format: 8х8, single elimination.
Special condition: combat drones and “Apocalypse” missiles from “Invasion” mode ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Prize fund:
1st place - 5 500 GS to each active player.
2nd place - 4 000 GS to each active player.
3rd place - 2 500 GS to each active player.


2. Sunday, 27.07.4614,  в 20.00 Moscow time - “Caroussel”, top corps tournament.


Map: Lava obelisks.
Combat type: Beacon hunt.
Tech. level: Т3
Format: 6х6, single elimination.
Special condition: interceptors only; modules and guns from “Invasion” mode ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Prize fund:
1st place - 7000 GS to each active player.
2nd place - 5000 GS to each active player.
3rd place - 4000 GS to each active player.

The tournament will be held at individual invitations mode. All questions should be sent to player Troll via in-game mailing system.


3. Hot news: a major championship with valuable prizes will be announced at the end of the week!


VII.  Place**  Under **** the   Sun   3**

Week 3. 19.07.4614
Last week the 3rd fastcup took place for amateur division corps. This time SCORP, BTR, SQ, COBRA, РАТЬ, TR, ROGER, VIP took part. Combats have been T3, team battle, 6 on 6, Eastern mining station.

1st - 5 500 ГС - SCORP (ABDULLA, CblPouPak, GOB, Neardo, TeddyKiller, surfer)
2nd - 4 000 ГС - TR (KsandroMK, GenaGinekolog, Bercut, DYX, AKIRA, daymon)
3rd - 2 500 ГС - SQ (HeyJIoBuMbie9u4k, Fortreit, VIKT, bogomut, Silver26, nomand45, sikasan)
Tournament bracket


VIII.  T** 1 **** Show - tournament**


Last Sunday a T1 show-tournament for top corps took place with CORP, NASA, SRS, NOVA, ESB, WPK, DNO, SYN as participants. Combats have been 8 on 8, team battle, Eastern mining station.



1st - 7 000 ГС - ESB (Show74Leopard, TheCoon, Starhammer, Zerk1, Shepard27, ECMnoob, Maximum997, StormPetrel)
2nd - 5 500 ГС - NOVA (6o6, Mitra7, DoctorSpirit, I7uJIoT, KidzoomiKira, elBobrito, Dioner, Spirt, sv9toi, DyuraN)
3rd - 4 000 ГС- NASA (Tillowaty, MON0LITH, Milfeulle, PsychoKiller1, Zee, Recoil, ShadowBlade3, everrdylost, fasz)
Tournament bracket****,   video


IX.  Р** ilots   ratings**
Freesamurai is gradually making it to 20 000 fights played, only 975 left. Just a little bit compared to the overall number he’s already made.


Number of fights top 5

  1. Freesamurai - 19025

  2. USIK [SYN] - 15447

  3. stalker [SCORP] - 15207

  4. Djoylok [ESB] - 15032

  5. Ben4ik [sYN] - 14845
    Overall PvP efficiency top 3


  7. Destruction [CORP]

  8. iericon [CASS]
    Overall PvE efficiency top 3

  9. HotShot [TUF]

  10. cepion

  11. Lich932 [ML]


X.  Corporate Ratings

Finally we’ve got some changes in the leading three of precursors sector influence - SCORPIONS [sCORP] have climbed to the 2nd position, pushing SIRIUS [sRS] to the 3rd.


Overall influence points top 3

  1. Nova Corporation [Nova]


  3. SIRIUS [sRS]
    Overall PvP efficiency top 3

  4. CCCP [CCCP]


    Overall PvE efficiency top 3


  8. Rage [R4ge]

  9. Star Storm [sTORM]


All ratings and reviews by  S** & **P agency. _ Stars & Pilots  _- your grandma wants you in our ratings!





XI. At the end of last week the feds have taken a serious step and due to several successful Vanguards covert operations managed to take a number of locations. But later Families have fiercely pushed them back to the capital again, thus proving the saying that the Federates can attack, but completely unable to defend.



Jericho-Imperial border is subject to number of vicious battles, but none of the two sides seems to gain a serious advantage.






LRFs everywhere. Lots of them. Piles of them. But there’s an effective remedy - covert ops interceptor. Covert ops - clears the resp from LRFs three times quicker. Buy now and get a “Fast respawn” module for free!


The issue was prepared by:

MoonLight   LexxVIII   SeraX   Disly


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I think this is the devs way of telling us to stop b*¢7hing about LRFs and RT.

Other News:

Think this means the devs plan on reducing difficulty/fixing contract bugs.

Prize fund:

1st place - 5 500 GS to each active player.

2nd place - 4 GS to each active player.

3rd place - 2 500 GS to each active player.