I.N.N. Issue XII (73) on 4614.05.14


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I. Despite numerous protests, B.O.T. company specializing in automatic combat systems, continues its research work. Manifestations are now a usual thing near its offices. Some of them are held to support the company, some are not. But the company’s leaders show no reaction.

Finally a statement has been released these days that the company has developed a new AI system and is testing it on mercenaries. This fact has already drawn the attention of anti-AI department of antipiracy committee. A case has been opened against the company director, the investigation is running.  Still, some more substantial reasons needed to suspend company’s research. The committee considers B.O.T. to be able to collect all the data needed to accomplish the research (probably even secret one) successfully, but there’s no way it can stop it.


II. A new ship of “The Enclave” is ready to hit the market. This pirate modification of a high-tier ship was designed for fast and total extermination of enemy forces. It’s not very comfortable, but its potential is really amazing. The ship is rapidly gaining popularity. It is unknown how many such ships does the Enclave have and why is it selling them. Perhaps it’s all about financial problems. But you can check the quality of the ship by one of previous modifications, Blood Tormentor, a ready-made lot of which has been recently captured by the antipiracy committee.


The UMC doesn’t cooperate with pirates or illegal companies. That’s why pilots shouldn’t rely on a possibility to pay a discount price of the ship and the licence for it. The ship will be available only for market price in galactic currency.




III.  Modern trends

Yesterday a “Modern tendencies in rating systems development” conference has been held at “The New Way” business-station. Among the rest of problems and questions discussed the participants heard the speech of Henry Peel, the director of Stars** & **Pilots  (S&P), a young but promising rating agency: "We are ready to cause a furor in today’s rating system. I guarantee that many of you will like our approach - make a step towards us and get what thousands are dreaming of! Our agency is already holding talks with the UMC, and if they prove fruitful, then UMC pilots who fight for our future in dangerous Precursors sectors will be the first to benefit from our newest methodology and technologies ".


IV.  Still the first pancake is tasty

Last weekend the first blitz-tournament dedicated to the Victory Day has been held. There have been 7 teams participating, and  “Nobody can hide” has proven itself to be the best. According to comments, pilots enjoyed the event and it organization, and wish modern technologies to be introduced (some projects are already ongoing in the UMC) for participants and spectators to feel more comfortable.


I place** : “Nobody can hide”**
II place** : “SIRIUS”**
III place** : “Syndicate”**


The grand final has been won by “Evil Space Pandas” , “Iridium Wars” winner.


The UMC has some videos in its archives: by  LiveTuneRD6ka and SeraX of Syndicate.


V.  English version

There is registration going on (actually close to its end) at the english-speaking mercs server for T3 squads tournament named “UnderGround”. It is planned for May 17th, more [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23081-underground-tournament/ “Ссылка”) and [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23094-underground-tournament-sign-up/ “Ссылка”).


VI.  Influential corporations


ТО** P **-5 of influence rating  hasn’t changed much this week. But if we examine the whole list, we’ll see that such corporations as USSR [CCCP] and Southern Lights [sL], make their way upwards, forcing Syndicate [sYN] to move one position lower.



1 (0). Nova Corporation [Nova] – 25321 (+4288)
2 (0). SIRIUS [sRS] – 19438 (+3402)
3 (0). SCORPIONS [sCORP] – 18108 (+3102)
4 (0). The DNO Inc [DNO] – 16389 (+1500)
5 (0). Evil Space Bears [ESB] – 11287 (+2295)
6 (+1). CCCP [CCCP] – 9787 (+1940)
7 (-1). Syndicate [sYN] – 9438 (+1391)
8 (+2). Southern Lights [sL] – 8703 (+2222)
9 (0). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr] – 8350 (+1566)
10 (new). Clear Sky – 7851



VII.  PvP and PvE ratings, as usually, no comments:


ТОP10 PvP corps


1 (+1). Jolly Roger [ROGER]

2 (+1). Southern Lights [sL]
3 (-2). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr]

4 (-4). Stellar Marines [steel]

5 (+1). AUT [AUT]

6 (+4). CCCP [CCCP]

7 (new) Rage [R4ge]


9 (new). Nika [NIKA]

10 (-3). Clan Reckoning [RECK]


ТОP10 PvE corps

1 (0). Jolly Roger [ROGER]

2 (+1). Rage [R4ge]

3 (-1). VIP [VIP]



6 (0). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr]

7 (new). Cerberus [CSA]

8 (new). Star Storm [sTORM]

9 (-1). ACC A WAR [ACC]

10 (0). I F I [iFI]



That’s all with sports news for now. The section was prepared by SeraX.






VIII. Despite all the aspirations the Emperor’s military failed to perform a miracle. After a period of parity with Jericho in overall number of sectors the Empire started to lose them again. Of course it captured a few Jericho sectors in the northern direction, but at the same time lost even more at the southern.

The Federation is facing some bad days. At the beginning of the week the alliance with the Empire made it possible for the feds to surround two Jericho sectors. But Families sent reinfircements there. After this the fragile alliance collapsed. All the Jericho revenge was let loose on the feds, which resulted in losing half of the remaining territories. And when Jericho drew its forces away, the Empire has performed a strike on the  same direction, taking the ill-fated sector from the Families.







IX. The situation is still unstable, but the plasma cloud is fading day by day. The synoptics are sure that it won’t take too long. Still, it’s not an excuse for forgetting the StarMed  as noone knows what tomorrow brings to us.






The UMC is glad to offer a new service to its pilots. They will be able to buy ships and their components by wholesale. No need to wander around trade centers choosing what to buy or upgrade on your favourite ship. Now you may buy everything you need, with excelent quality of included goods, as a single pack. You had to complete contracts with factions before - and you won’t need to do that again. A couple of modules, guns and upgrade kits will be available for a single sum. Moreover - you’ll get sinergy or loyalty as a bonus to some of these packs. Hurry up, don’t miss the opportunity to buy a new ship and upgrade it instantly, quick and easy.




The issue was prepared by:

MoonLight   LexxVIII   SeraX   Disly

Thanks again Lexx and everyone who works on INN!

Thanks again Lexx and everyone who works on INN!

We work for you. :salute:

I am totally short of time these days, so I posted the issue in 2 parts.  :facepalm: