I.N.N. Issue VI (67) on 4614.04.02



                                                                     Intergalactic News Network

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I. Celebration of The Great BOT’s Day in the galaxy is coming to an end. This is the day when everyone dresses like a bot and behaves like a bot. But some individuals continue to celebrate the Bot’s day all year long. The roots of this holiday trace back to ancient days. It is known that ancient people believed such actions to help attract good fortune and avoid abusive words (really - who on earth takes offence at a bot?).


II. A serious malfunction has been found in the system of leader assignment at recon missions in the sector. The official version declares this to be caused by a virus, possibly a pirates’ one. It was designed to sabotage the Centre’s systems, which it has actually done perfectly. Now all the contaminated files are clean, all the missing data will soon be restored and the system will return to normal operation.





III. The Mercenary Centre has faced some difficulties with data processing and transfer in the main network. As a result, pilots have been getting irrelevant information. In some cases the results of their victories haven’t been properly transferred to main data network. In other cases their fleet strength bonuses have been ignored. There have also been registered some cases with missing resources. A pirate virus is blamed for all this, which has been successfully located and deactivated.




IV. There’s a new [contest of comical pictures](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22840-contest-photochop/) going on in the Centre’s network. If you have a good sense of humor and know how to handle a graphic editor, hurry up, or someone else will get your reward!


V. History column


If you are interested in StarMed’s history or how mercenaries manage to pick missions, get killed somewhere in the sector and then hang out at the station safe and sound, then the 1st part of our historic reference is just for you. [will be added a bit later; thanks for patience! ;)]






Effective pilots


The Top 10 of efficiency rate has got a new leader - Filat [Russ]. During two previous issues of INN he occupied the 2nd position, and finally made it to the 1st, making former leader, xxXDucalizXxx [2x2], step aside.


1 (+1). Filat [Russ] – 3.177.232 (+9.522)

2 (-1). xxXDucalizXxx [2x2] – 3.149.434 (-56.541)

3 (0). Verno1962 [spIn] – 3.028.853 (+234.891)

4 (new). Deadlik – 2.944.247

5 (+2). vavan76d [bETA] – 2.899.719 (+373.731)

6 (0). Sash [WPK] – 2.886.782 (+318.335)

7 (new). Cutthroat [sCORP] 2.811.002

8 (+2). RUSIK161 [VIP] – 2.663.813 (+338.464)

9 (new). fartinoll [steel] – 2.576.155

10 (new). puddumper – 2.518.315


Influence And Domination


New influence rate shows influence points gained by corporations. Current leader is The DNO Inc [DNO], which is more than 1000 points ahead of others.


1.The DNO Inc [DNO] – 3941
2. Nova Corporation [Nova] – 2931
3. SIRIUS [sRS] – 2258

4. SCORPIONS [sCORP] – 1973
5. Evil Space Bears [ESB] – 1500
6. Black Hawks [HawK] – 1072
7. Clear sky [sKY] – 926
8. Orden Tamplier OT [OTr] – 791
9. THE CORP [CORP] – 686
10. ALPHA [ALPHA] – 670


Wing Beat


Wings rate hasn’t shown any growth in numbers of both points and nominees. Figures show that there has probably been a wing-on-wing battle between DNO and SRS, where the DNO has taken the lead. When will wings finally start regular fights - that’s a question with no answer for now. 


1 (0). The DNO Inc [DNO] – 1049 (+4)
2 (0). Evil Space Bears [ESB] – 1036 (0)
3 (0). SIRIUS [sRS] – 1006 (-4)
4 (0). ParadoX [PDX] – 1005 (0)
5 (0). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr] – 1000 (0)
6 (0). Black Hawks [HawK] – 994 (0)
7 (0). Star Storm [sTORM] – 994 (0)
8 (0). Nobody can hide – 990 (0)
9 (0). SCORPIONS [sCORP] – 985 (0)
10 (0). SIRIUS II [sR2] – 937 (-1)


And, finally, some more corp rates , no comments.


Top 10 PvP corps
1 (+5). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr]
2 (-1). CCCP [CCCP]
4 (new). ACC A WAR [ACC]
5 (-2). AUT [AUT]
6 (-2). Stellar Marines [steel]
7 (-2). Southern Lights [sL]
8 (new). kosmanavt [kos]
9 (+1). First alliance [1st]
10 (-1). VIP [VIP]

Top 10 PvE corps
2 (-1). VIP [VIP]
3 (+2). CCCP [CCCP]
4 (+6). Star Freelancers [star]
5 (-2). Star Storm [sTORM]
6 (new). kosmanavt [kos]
7 (new). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr]
8 (new). Rage [R4ge]
9 (0). TRIADA [TR]


That’s all with sports news for now. The section was prepared by SeraX.





VII. A critical time has come in Federation-Jericho clashes. Having taken a pause for gathering forces, Jericho families have landed a powerful blow on the Federates, making them flee. Almost all the federative sectors have been captured later, and all the supply routes to the Empire have been cut as well. Currently federative forces are being forced to retreat to their capital sector. The Federation tries to resist, but it’s just a way of stepping back




It’s quite calm on the imperial side of the border, though. While Jericho is pressing the federates, the Empire has taken a couple of sectors, and stopped facing a designated Jericho force group. Now both sides don’t seem to be fighting actively on the border. And if Jericho is fighting the federates, cutting them from the Imperial border, there’s a question - what is the Empire busy with? (Building a Death Star or what?)





Anomalies gather near the Precursors sector. There are some meteor showers going on in the north, and a plasma cloud forming in the south. Habitable sectors are clean and placid though. Wherever you are, whatever happens, remember - StarMed is always there to help. StarMed - you’ll have a long memory of us.




  • Stop it, you are going to flatten me!

  • Money isn’t what makes a man happy!


Your ship takes a heavy toll of your credits? Time to try an alternative maintenance tariff!


  • Okay, I’m starting a new life. Mmm… Oh…


The issue was prepared by:

MoonLight, LexxVIII, SeraX

Blame pirates for everything… 

If you are interested in StarMed’s history or how mercenaries manage to pick missions, get killed somewhere in the sector and then hang out at the station safe and sound, then the 1st part of our historic reference is just for you. [will be added a bit later; thanks for patience! ;)]


get killed somewhere in the sector



get killed




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